Looking for Twisted Metal cheats and all cheat codes and Passwords? Originally released in 1995 for the PS1, the car combat game is one of Sony's earliest first-party hits, and spawned a number of sequels across several generations. In this Twisted Metal cheats guide, we're going to share all cheat codes and Passwordss for the game.

Twisted Metal Cheats: All Cheat Codes and Passwords

Twisted Metal Cheats: All Cheat Codes 1
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Below is a list of Twisted Metal cheats, including all cheat codes and Passwords. We've divided the guide into more general gameplay cheats and level select cheats, all of which are inputted using the Password system. Please note that if you're playing the emulated PS5 and PS4 versions of the game, some of the cheat codes will disable Trophies, however you can still use level select to get the Platinum.

Cheat Codes

Cheat Code
Unlimited Ammo Triangle, Blank, Square, Circle, Circle
Unlimited Turbo Triangle, Cross, Triangle, Triangle, Circle
Unlimited Health Square, Triangle, Cross, Blank, Circle
Helicopter View Circle, Circle, Triangle, Cross, Blank
(Activate with Down and Start)

Level Select

Level Code
Warehouse District Warfare Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
Freeway Free for All Cross, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
River Park Rumble Cross, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square
Cyburbia Cross, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Rooftop Combat Square, Triangle, Cross, Circle, Cross
Final Battle Triangle, Cross, Circle, Square, Triangle
Secret Level Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square

Twisted Metal Cheats: How to Input Cheat Codes

All of the Twisted Metal cheats can entered into the Password screen. To input the cheat codes, select One Player Contest and then pick a character. Before you Begin Battle, select Options > Password and enter any of the cheat codes above then press the start button. You can now Begin Battle to take advantage of the cheats.

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