Need a So Close walkthrough for The Last of Us 1, including all collectibles? In this The Last of Us 1 guide, we're going to show you how to achieve 100% completion in So Close, which is part of The Last of Us: Left Behind expansion.

There are 4x Artefacts to find in So Close, as Ellie continues her search for medical supplies.

The Last of Us 1: So Close Walkthrough

After reminiscing in Mallrats, it's back to the present day and the medical helicopter Ellie spotted earlier. Directly ahead is a food court, so scavenge any supplies you need from here.

Artefact #1: Atrium Note

At the very beginning of the chapter, in the food court, outside of a shop called Luciano, there's an Artefact named Atrium Note on the floor.

Once you've looted the entire area, follow the yellow cables on the ground into a dark corridor where you'll bump into a cat. The cable leads into a locked door, so continue down the corridor into the freezing water. The water isn't too deep, which is a relief as Ellie can't swim! Go through the doorway on the left, and you'll end up in a room with a parked truck. Follow the ramp up to see a generator ahead.

Artefact #2: Generator Note

To the immediate left of the generator is a box with an Artefact named Generator Note on top of it.

Right, time to power up the generator — easy-peasy, right? Wrong, it's got no juice. Fortunately, directly opposite the generator is a jerry can and a siphoning pipe, so go and grab them. Remember that truck you spotted earlier? Well, it's time to steal some gas, so head over in that direction. There are about four infected in here, but they shouldn't pose too much of a challenge, so deal with them. There's quite a bit of ammunition in the area if you need it.

Try siphoning petrol from the red truck first, but it's empty. So move over to the white one opposite and try again. Return to the generator with your freshly filled jerry can and fill it up. Then power up the generator again. This will attract a bunch of infected, but you'll get lucky and they'll be electrocuted by the water.

Instead, go through the gate behind you. Before heading up the ladder, you can find a Molotov Cocktail here, so grab that then go up the ladder. Carefully crawl across the air vents, over the electrified water. Once you can't go any further, drop onto the red truck and back down to safety. There's some health in the white truck's trailer if you need it.

First, open the garage door on the right and loot the room for supplies. Then open the garage door on the left. There's a trolley in here, so grab it with triangle. Pull this out and position under the flap of the right garage door. Then climb up on the boxes and across the freshly supported garage door flap to the air conditioning unit. Move across the vents to the exit of the loading bay, and drop down near to the double doors to Petville. Grab any ammo on the floor and reload your weapon, then head inside the pet shop.

There are an absolute ton of infected in here, so stealth kill the first one on the left. Then wait for the Clicker to wander into the office and knife that one, too. Move into the main part of the pet shop, carefully knifing every infected you see from behind, until the coast is clear. If you want to, spend a bit of time to loot the area once it's clear, as there are some good supplies lying around.

Take a moment to reload your weapons and craft any supplies, then head through the shutters at the front of the pet shop. You're back where you started, opposite the medical helicopter, but this time there are a couple of Clickers wandering around. The easiest way to deal with these is to lob a Molotov at them then pick them off with your gun. Once you're done, a couple of Runners will probably attack you, so take care of those, too.

Pay attention to the yellow cable from earlier, and with the power now back on, use the door panel to go through the gate. Head up the staircase, where it says Colorado Mountain Plaza, and at the top of the stairs immediately go left into a tent and loot it for supplies.

Artefact #3: Atrium Recorder

On the floor of the tent, at the top of the staircase, there's an Artefact called Atrium Recorder. It's on the ground, in front of a mattress.

Once you're done, return up the snowy hill to the helicopter and climb up on the glass platform. Walk along the metal beam and jump into the helicopter, triggering another flashback to Fun and Games.

Artefact #4: Medial Supplies

The Last of Us 1: So Close Walkthrough - All Collectibles: Artefacts
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Completing this chapter automatically adds the Artefact named Medical Supplies to Ellie's inventory, which you'll be able to inspect in The Enemy of My Enemy after completing Fun and Games.

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