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The Slums Part 2 is the sixth chapter in Stray, in which you return to the city and continue your mission after fixing the antenna in Rooftops. You'll meet new characters and help them track down friends. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of The Slums Part 2, explaining how to get through the chapter. Like The Slums Part 1, this is an open environment with plenty to see, but we will be focusing on the main path for this walkthrough. If you're looking for collectibles in The Slums Part 2, see our guide: Stray: All Collectibles Locations.

Stray: The Slums Part 2 Walkthrough

Here's our full Stray The Slums Part 2 walkthrough.

Where to Find Momo

Back inside Momo's apartment, you'll notice he's not there. Walk to his TV and you'll find a note. He instructs you to meet him at the bar. Leave through the window and take the bucket down. From here, the bar is just below, so climb down to the ground level and you'll see Momo waiting outside the door.

Go inside, hop on the stool by Momo, and proceed through the cutscene and dialogue. You establish contact with Zbaltazar, another Outsider. Zbaltazar says you must travel through the sewers to find him. Seamus, another robot in the bar, says it's hopeless. Turns out he's the son of Doc, another Outsider who went missing. He was developing a weapon to fight the Zurks. You resolve to find Seamus and get him to help finding Doc.

How to Find Doc's Secret Lab

Follow Momo to Seamus' place. Seamus refuses to open the door, but Momo will reveal an entry way for you and give you Doc's Notebook. Go inside and show the Notebook to Seamus. It will reveal that there is a secret room in the flat.

Jump on the desk in the corner. You can knock down all the hanging pictures. Knock down the furthest right picture to reveal a clue: "Time Will Tell". On the opposite wall are four clocks. These read 2 o'clock, 5 o'clock, 1 o'clock, and 1 o'clock. Next, knock down the furthest left picture to reveal a keypad. Input the code 2511 to open the door to the secret lab.

Inside, Seamus will talk about Doc and his weapon. Explore the lab. On the left, you can climb on top of a bookshelf and knock down a box. Do this to reveal the Broken Tracker. Take it and show it to Seamus. He says if you can repair the Tracker, you will be able to find Doc.

How to Fix the Broken Tracker

Leave Seamus' flat. Head left and turn back towards the bar. Go past it and follow the alley a little further. On the right is a door with a message on it: "Elliot Programming. Knock on the door and wait for us to open". Scratch at the door and a robot will open it enough for you to squeeze inside.

Head up the stairs to meet Elliot. Show him the Broken Tracker. He says he can fix it, but that he's shivering too much to use his keyboard and could use something to keep him warm. Either leave through the door downstairs or claw at the blind and jump down through the window.

How to Get the Poncho for Elliot

Either way, your next stop is Grandma. From Elliot's place, head to the right to meet this robot. She says if she had some Electric Cable, she could make you a Poncho. Where can you get some Electric Cable? If you remember the merchant robot, he's selling some. You need to trade him a bottle of Super Spirit Detergent.

To get the Super Spirit Detergent, turn around from Grandma and head back towards the bar. Climb up onto the roof of the building opposite the bar. Up here you'll find a robot throwing paint cans across to another robot. Approach them and press Triangle. When the time is right, meow with Circle to distract the robot and they'll drop paint to the street below.

With paint everywhere, a robot will come out and start cleaning it. Head down to the spillage and go inside the laundromat. The Super Spirit Detergent is on a table on the left, inside the door.

Take the Super Spirit Detergent to the merchant, who is just to the right of where Guardian is. Inspect the Electric Cable, then show him the Super Spirit Detergent to make the trade. With the Electric Cable, return to Grandma and show it to her. Now you have a Poncho, which is what you need to give to Elliot. Return to Elliot and give him the Poncho. Once he has it on, he will fix the Broken Tracker. You'll receive the Fixed Tracker.

Now, return to Seamus' place and show him the Fixed Tracker, which will start a cutscene. With the Tracker working, follow Seamus to try and find Doc. He will lead you to a sealed door. A cutscene will play and you and Seamus head through. In the next area, Seamus says he can't come with you, but gives you a Badge so Doc will recognise you as an ally. Once the door opens, go through.

Stray: The Slums Part 2 Collectibles

If you're still after collectibles in The Slums Part 2, here's where to find them all:

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