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Where are all the Music Sheets in Stray? One of the collectibles in Stray is Music Sheets, which can be given to a robot named Morusque who will play them for you. As part of our Stray guide, we're going to tell you where to find all the Music Sheets. Getting all of them will earn you the Meowlody Trophy. For more information, see our guide: Stray Trophy Guide: All PS5, PS4 Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.

Stray: All Music Sheets Locations

Below we have the locations of all Music Sheets in Stray. There are 8 in total, all found within The Slums and The Slums Part 2.

Where Is Morusque?

Stray All Music Sheets Locations PS5 PS4 Guide Morusque

Morusque is the robot to whom you need to give the Music Sheets you find. They will be able to play the music for you once they have it. Morusque is located to the left of the elevator, where you meet Guardian. Head down the steps and they're sat on the floor under some paper lanterns.

The Slums

Here are all the Music Sheets in the chapter The Slums. There are 8 to collect. The Music Sheets can also be collected during the chapter The Slums Part 2.

Music Sheet #1: Petite Valse

This Music Sheet is found in Momo's apartment. From Guardian, head up to the rooftops and find the two robots throwing paint cans to each other. From here, you can climb up to a balcony and jump through the small window into Momo's place. Next, head over to the left and find a metal door. You can pass through the bars at the bottom into the next room. Climb up the boxes in the right corner to find the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #2: Ballad of the Lonely Robot

From Guardian, get onto the roof of the bar. Head down the steps towards the red neon sign. Use the buckets and vending machine to get onto the roof and up the air con units to the next level. Keep heading up and use the pipe to get onto the balcony of the next building on the right. The Music Sheet is on the table here.

Music Sheet #3: Untitled

From Guardian, turn back and go past the bar on the left. Follow the alley around the corner, and on the right is a door you can translate: "Elliot Programming". Scratch at the door and a robot will open it. Head inside, and straight ahead is this Music Sheet on a big framed picture.

Music Sheet #4: The Way You Compute Tonight

This Music Sheet can be found right after meeting Guardian. From Guardian, head right and you'll find a robot merchant named Azooz with a few things to trade. One of the items is a Music Sheet. He will trade it to you for 1 Energy Drink Can.

To find an Energy Drink Can, you first need to find a vending machine containing them. The closest is the other side of the elevator. Go back to Guardian and head left down the steps. On the right-hand wall is a vending machine that will dispense an Energy Drink Can.

Return to Azooz and exchange the Energy Drink Can for the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #5: Tomorrows

From Guardian, turn around and head down the steps. You'll see a red neon sign above the entrance to a bar. Go inside and head up the stairs on the left. This Music Sheet is on the middle table against the back wall.

Music Sheet #6: Cool Down

From Guardian, turn around and go down the steps. Head to the left of the bar to find two robots at a fire. On your right is a dumpster. Use this to find a path up onto the roof of the bar. Around the corner, you can climb a little higher to find a square window. Go through the window, then through a gap in the sliding door. Immediately on the right is a small shelving unit with this Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #7: Mildly Important Information

From Guardian, you'll need to get across a bunch of rooftops. Climb up to the roof of the bar and climb and jump across the rooftops, heading away from Guardian's location. You'll pass by Swanito, a robot chilling on a mattress. Go past them and head towards the blue glowing sign. Next to the sign is a small opening, go inside to the library. Inside is a piano, with this Music Sheet on it.

Music Sheet #8: Unreadable Sheet Music

From Morusque, head to the right and walk to the end of the alley. On the left is a bunch of rubbish, and among this is a safe. To unlock the safe, enter the code 1283. This Music Sheet is stashed inside.

And there you have it! That's where to find all Music Sheets in Stray. Have you found them all yet? Tell us in the comments below, and check out our Stray guide for lots more.