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Jail is the 11th chapter in Stray, taking place after you beat Midtown. The cat's in trouble, and has been thrown in the slammer — obviously, you need to bust out. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Jail, explaining how to get through the chapter's main path. If you're looking for collectibles in Jail, see our guide: Stray: All Collectibles Locations.

Stray: Jail Walkthrough

Here's our full Stray Jail walkthrough.

How to Escape the Cage

When this chapter begins, you'll be in a small cage suspended above water. To get out, you will need to swing the cage. Rock the cage back and forth until it smacks against the pipe on the left. After a couple of hits, the door will open and you can jump out.

How to Get Out of Jail

Clamber upwards and go through the grate lit in red. On the other side, you'll see two posts you can jump on to swing them around. Do this to both of them, then jump to the lower post and use it to get down onto the cage. From there, hop across the barrels and through the door.

On the left, you can jump up to a pipe and use it to reach a higher walkway. Walk to the left and drop down to some boards above a drone. Wait for it to turn away, then drop down again and hide in the box on the right. Jump back out when the path ahead is clear, and run to the end. Climb up the stuff to reach the upper level.

A cutscene will play out in which Clementine asks you to get a set of keys. To do this, walk a little further and go through the door on the right. Go through the barred window, then walk along to the right and drop into the next room. Hop onto the desk and get the key. Return the way you came and give her the keys.

Follow Clementine as she uses the keys to open doors for you both. A cutscene will play in which you find B-12. You and Clementine need to rescue him.

How to Rescue B-12

Follow Clementine down to the lower level and another cutscene will play. Go forward and through a little corner office and through a window to the other side. Through here are lasers blocking the path. Use the boxes on the right to reach a hanging vent. Hop across the light to the other vent and then back down on the other side of the lasers.

Next is a laser wall moving back and forth. When clear, jump up to the window on the right. When the laser wall moves to the left, jump back down and continue down the path — but watch out for a Sentinel drone just ahead. Use the desk on the left to dodge it.

Ahead are more laser walls. Jump up to a vent on the left to get over the first one, then jump to the next when the second laser is down. Hide in the box from the drone, then when the coast is clear, head into the small room with a switch. Push the switch — this will deactivate the shield around B-12, but the drones will be on high alert.

Use boxes to hide from them and approach B-12. Pick him up, exit through the window on the far right, and head back out to where Clementine is waiting.

How to Escape the Jail

After a brief cutscene, hack the door and go through. In the next room, the exit is sealed. Jump onto the dumpster with a pile of bricks, and knock them down. Clementine will pick one up and throw it through a glass panel, allowing you to get through. She'll then kneel down — jump on her head and then through the opening.

Drop down onto the dumpster and head into the little room. Push the switch in there to open the door. In the next section, you need to get the attention of the drone and lead it into the room on the left. Once it's in there, use the door to shut it inside.

Through the next door is a B-12 Memory on the right. In the next section, you will need to coax two more drones into a left-hand cell, this time with two doors. This can be quite tricky, but you can get through the bars at the bottom of the doors, so once they're inside the cell, you can shut the doors and still escape. Once done, head through the next door with Clementine.

In here, there's a small gap on the right you can fit through. Go through this passageway into the courtyard. To your left is a switch to let Clementine through the door, which triggers a cutscene. You need to enter the control room to open the main door.

On the right-hand side of the courtyard is a three-wheel truck with keys in the door. Interact with the keys to trigger some dialogue with Clementine. With her in the driver's seat, hop onto the back of the truck, which will reverse towards a railing, which you can then reach. Drop down and head left, following the path to the control room. Flip the switch to open the main door.

Once the door is open, drones will fly in and chase you. Make it back to Clementine, who will drive off in the truck. Follow her through the tunnel, avoiding shots from the drones. Once you're close enough, hop onto the back of the truck and watch a cutscene.

Clementine will give you the Subway Key. Head back down to the subway train, then back into the earlier room. Continue until you reach the spot to place the battery. Once you put the battery in, a cutscene will play, powering up the subway. Enter the train, hop on the driver's seat, and press Square to start it with the key.

Stray: Jail Collectibles

If you're still hunting down collectibles in Jail, here's where you'll find them all:

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