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Control Room is the 12th and last chapter in Stray, following on from Jail. Obviously, this chapter wraps up the story — you're very nearly done. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Control Room, explaining how to get through the chapter and pointing out any collectibles. For more info on those, see our guide: Stray: All Collectibles Locations.

Stray: Control Room Walkthrough

Here's our full Stray Control Room walkthrough.

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You begin the chapter as the subway train completes its journey. When the doors open, head out to the left and up the stairs. Continue your way up through the station and talk to a robot by the sealed doors on the right. They will refer you to the control room. The control room is found up the steps and to the left. Obviously, you can't just waltz in — you need to work out how to get the door open.

Opposite the control room door is one of those follower boxes from the Neco factory in Midtown. Turn it on and lead it to a power box on the wall to the left of the control room door. It will slot into position. Next, inspect the door lock again, and B-12 will use it to open the box on the left. Go up and interact with it — you need to scratch at the wires until they break.

Head on through and a cutscene will play, after which you'll get a B-12 Memory. Continue forward to find all the control desks. There's a huge window looking down on the city — a great view, and you can see the places you've been previously.

At the back of the control room is a desk you can inspect, triggering a cutscene. Your job is to turn on all the computers so B-12 can open up the city. To do this, jump up onto the long desks and walk across the keyboards so that all the monitors are on.

After another cutscene, head over to the right of the large window. Press Triangle to interact with a computer bank, and scratch at its wires. Next, look up to the monitor and hack it.

Go back to the main computer on the left, then turn left again. Climb up behind the metal panel and push it down. Now, get your claws out again and scratch up more wires, then hack the next computer.

Finally, the third computer you need to hack is on the right. Jump onto the computer and open the panel to expose the wires, scratch away, then hack the monitor. This will fry B-12, so you'll need to carry him to the workstation in order to open the city. Drop him by the blue panel at the window, and watch the cutscene.

Head out of the control room, and towards those sealed doors in the station. On approach they will open, and you can head through. Walk out into the open.

Stray: Control Room Collectibles

If you're looking for collectibles in Control Room, here's where to find them all:

Did you enjoy Control Room in Stray? In fact, did you enjoy Stray overall? Our walkthrough is done, but there's more to see in our Stray guide if you're still looking for Trophies, Collectibles, or other useful bits and bobs.