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Antvillage is the ninth chapter in Stray, taking place after you complete The Sewers. In it, you'll see a peaceful tower structure, home to a few robots including Zbaltazar, who you're looking for. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Antvillage, explaining how to get through the chapter and pointing out any collectibles along the way. For more info on those, see our guide: Stray: All Collectibles Locations.

Stray: Antvillage Walkthrough

Here's our full Stray Antvillage walkthrough.

As the chapter starts, you cross a bridge and watch a cutscene. At the end of this scene, you'll automatically get a B-12 Memory. Next, you want to head up the steps to the left. There's no point trying to talk to robots at this moment, as B-12 won't help you for a little while. Over on the left are two robots playing mahjong. Disturb their game to earn the Cat-a-strophe Trophy.

Continue forward and ascend the tower. Don't worry — you can come back down and interact with things properly once B-12 is back to normal. After some more climbing, you'll reach Zbaltazar. He will give you Clementine's Picture and tell you she is currently in Midtown. You can continue climbing up and around the tower to head to this new location, but before you go, head back down to mop up one or two collectibles and talk to some robots, if you like.

Firstly, you can get the second B-12 Memory near the robot asleep on the sofa. Secondly, the Plant Badge can be acquired here, though you'll be given a short quest to earn it. For more information, hit the link.

Once you're done exploring Antvillage, head on up, over the pipes and through the vent to the next chapter.

Stray: Antvillage Collectibles

If you still looking for collectibles in Antvillage, here's where to find them all:

Did you enjoy Anvtillage in Stray? Next up is our walkthrough of the 10th chapter, Midtown. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and check out our Stray guide for lots more.