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The Sewers is the eighth chapter in Stray, following on from the events of Dead End. This chapter unsurprisingly takes you through the dangerous sewer system, which is crawling with Zurks — but it's the only way to get to Zbaltazar. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of The Sewers, explaining how to get through the chapter and pointing out any collectibles. For more info on those, see our guide: Stray: All Collectibles Locations.

Note: For this chapter, there is the Pacifist Trophy, awarded for not using the Defluxor weapon to kill any Zurks. For more info, see our guide: Stray Trophy Guide: All PS5, PS4 Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.

Stray: The Sewers Walkthrough

Here's our full Stray The Sewers walkthrough.

Hop through the window to find Momo waiting for you on a raft. When you're ready, hop on and the chapter will begin. First off is a slow boat ride, so just soak in the sights for a little bit.

You will come to a stop at a gate. Hop off to the right and through the gate. Climb the barrels to a higher platform to cross over to the left-hand side of the room. Here, you can see some Zurk eggs that will burst open when you get close. There's a switch on the wall just behind them. Push it to open the door for Momo, and either run away from the Zurks or use the weapon with L1 to kill them. When the boat is in reach, jump to it to proceed.

After another short ride, you'll come to a large door that won't open. Talk to Momo, who says he'll have to open it manually. He'll open it just enough for you to get through using the floating barrels in the water. Go through and you'll be in a frankly horrible tunnel.

Continue, up onto the walkway and left through the door. Turn right and carry on down the corridor. When you reach a crossroad, to the left is a B-12 Memory through a pipe, but it's blocked by a bunch of Zurk eggs, so watch out. Go forward for the main path. Descend the stairs and use a series of pipes to get down to the lower floor.

Through a pipe, you're now in a room full of Zurk eggs. Tread carefully to not pop them open. Further in is a switch. Push it and be ready for Zurks to charge in. Kill them or run through the newly open doors and across the walkway.

More Zurks will appear, so either kill them or dodge them. The next room is full of freaky eyes, and more Zurks will tumble in to chase you. At this point, just run forward. Jump down onto a pipe and you'll be safe. Behind you will be a smaller pipe that will lead to another B-12 Memory.

Through to the next room, there's a big door at the end you need to open. Either side of it are locks you need to hack. Reaching them is straightforward, but be aware that once you trigger one lock, more Zurks will arrive, so watch out as you make your way over to the second lock. Once the door is open, proceed into the next horrifying room and watch the cutscene.

When you regain control, you'll be in a chase, and B-12 is out of commission, so just peg it. Don't forget to shake off any Zurks with Circle. Don't take any major turns, just travel as straight ahead as you can to stay on the path. Once you're through the lowering door, you're safe. Interact with B-12 a couple of times to wake him, then hack the fan to let yourself through.

Walk through the pipe, turn right, and proceed through the small, cat-sized gap towards the next chapter.

Stray: The Sewers Collectibles

If you're still tracking down collectibles in The Sewers, here's where to find them all:

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