What is the point of no return in Stellar Blade? During the mission Orcal's Testimony, when you're tasked with travelling to the Orbit Elevator, you'll be warned that continuing with your mission will lock you out of side content. But is this really the point of no return, and can you continue your progress later? As part of our Stellar Blade guide, we're going to reveal: what is the point of no return?

What Is the Point of No Return in Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade: What Is the Point of No Return? 2
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During Orcal's Testimony, you'll be tasked with travelling to the Orbit Elevator at Spire 4. Your mission objective will tell you to speak with Adam at the Tetrapod, but you'll be faced with the following warning before you continue: "If you head to the Orbit Elevator now, you can no longer proceed with any side missions, and travelling to other areas will be restricted. Continue?"

This message is not messing around, and we can confirm you will be locked out of Xion if you continue. This means you'll instantly fail virtually all outstanding side missions. You will still technically be able to travel to other locations, although you'll also be locked out of those after completing Spire 4. Naturally, this renders the Platinum Trophy unobtainable on your current playthrough, and you may not be able to achieve certain endings. You can carry forward all of your existing progress with New Game +, but will need to start the story from scratch.

If you want to continue, then, you should either consider backing up your save to the PS Plus cloud before travelling to the Orbit Elevator, or finish all of the side content and collectibles before moving on with the story. You have been warned!

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