Spyro: Reignited Trilogy All Dragon Locations in Spyro the Dragon PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide

Where are all the frozen dragon statues in Spyro the Dragon in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy? In Spyro's very first adventure, he needs to rescue all his fellow dragons from being encapsulated in crystal by Gnasty Gnorc. There are a whopping 80 of the beasts to find and free, so you'd best get cracking. As part of our Spyro: Reignited Trilogy guide, here you'll find a rough guide to the whereabouts of every dragon statue in Spyro 1. Looking for dragon eggs as well? See our guide: Spyro: Reignited Trilogy - All Dragon Egg Locations in Spyro the Dragon.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy - All Dragon Statue Locations in Spyro the Dragon

In the below tables, we've outlined which dragons can be found in which locations, and a rough pointer as to where they are.


Dragon Name Level Location
Nestor Artisan Home Straight ahead as you start the game
Delbin Artisan Home To the left by the water
Tomas Artisan Home To the right through the tunnel
Argus Artisan Home Before the giant dragon head leading to Toasty
Gavin Stone Hill Down the well
Lindar Stone Hill Through the tunnel to the left of the castle
Gildas Stone Hill Atop the tower in the right-hand field
Astor Stone Hill Through the castle before the 'Return Home' portal
Alban Dark Hollow Glide to left-hand platform from the columns
Oswin Dark Hollow Down the path to the right of the columns
Darius Dark Hollow In front of the 'Return Home' portal
Nils Town Square Up the steps on the right
Devlin Town Square Glide from above location to the bulls, go up the steps, turn right, glide over water
Alvar Town Square To the right of second water fountain
Thor Town Square Glide from raised platform by chickens to the grass on the right and follow it around
Nevin Toasty Just before Toasty boss fight

Peace Keepers

Dragon Name Level Location
Titan Peace Keeper Home Across the pier in the building
Magnus Peace Keeper Home Across the field past the cannons
Gunnar Peace Keeper Home Use cannon to blow up pointy rock, travel through to side area
Conan Dry Canyon Head straight, dragon is up on the right
Boris Dry Canyon Continue along up the steps, dragon is up on the left
Maximos Dry Canyon Go up ramp by Boris and glide to platform on the left, follow path to cliff and glide around to the left
Ivor Dry Canyon Go up steps near Conan, glide to two towers. Follow tunnel through to new area
Halvor Cliff Town Cross the bridge and enter building on left
Enzo Cliff Town At the top of the buildings at the back of the level
Marco Cliff Town From Enzo, glide across river of ooze, carry on to highest point
Ulric Ice Cavern Through two stone structures on left, past big purple enemy
Todor Ice Cavern In first building where the path splits in two
Andor Ice Cavern From Todor, go through ice cavern to the end
Asher Ice Cavern Next to 'Return Home' portal
Ragnar Ice Cavern From Asher, enter cave by jumping across building, follow it to the end
Trondo Doctor Shemp Progress through level, you'll find a whirlwind that leads into a building

Magic Crafters

Dragon Name Level Location
Cosmos Magic Crafter Home Head inside and to the right
Zantor Magic Crafter Home At the top of Supercharge ramp in upper field
Boldar Magic Crafter Home From Zantor, go down ramp and take a left
Zane Alpine Ridge Through arch near steps going up and down
Eldrid Alpine Ridge From Zane, glide to right and glide again to pass through enemy and door, follow the path
Zander Alpine Ridge Next to 'Return Home' portal
Kelvin Alpine Ridge From Zander, glide over to right-hand tunnel entrance
Cyrus High Caves Go up the ramp on the left
Ajax High Caves From Cyrus, go across platforms with green wizards and through building, then drop down and go right
Cedric High Caves In front of 'Return Home' portal
Jarvis Wizard Peak Progress through first two buildings
Hexus Wizard Peak From Jarvis, go down Supercharge ramp and left down a second. Turn right
Lucas Wizard Peak Next to 'Return Home' portal
Altair Blowhard In caves half way through the level

Beast Makers

Dragon Name Level Location
Bruno Beast Maker Home Turn left and cross metal panels
Cleetus Beast Maker Home Get to island in the swamp, turn right, glide to next island
Claude Terrace Village Follow the main path up the steps
Cyprin Terrace Village Follow metal floor panels to the right
Rosco Misty Bog Glide across two islands
Damon Misty Bog Glide to walkway, head right, go left towards building. Progress up the steps
Zeke Misty Bog From Rosco, glide to walkway and follow down the tree stump
Bubba Misty Bog Next to 'Return Home' portal
Isaak Tree Tops Follow level, glide to archway, climb up steps
Lyle Tree Tops From level start, go inside and jump through right-hand window. Follow level, glide to grassy area
Jed Tree Tops From Lyle, charge down the ramp and jump to platform, keep charging and jump right to next ramp, go up and jump right onto another ramp, then across to one final ramp. Glide to distant platform
Sadiki Metalhead Found just before Metalhead boss fight

Dream Weavers

Dragon Name Level Location
Lateef Dream Weaver Home In front of portal to 'Lofty Castle'
Zikomo Dream Weaver Home Go left through castle, go up whirlwinds, glide to the right
Mazi Dream Weaver Home From Zikomo, glide to island with large building
Kasiya Dark Passage Follow main path, go up whirlwind
Azizi Dark Passage Follow main path from Kasiya
Apara Dark Passage From Azizi, go right, glide to tunnel, glide to walkway
Obasi Dark Passage Follow same path as Apara
Bakari Dark Passage In front of 'Return Home' portal
Mudada Lofty Castle Take whirlwind, free the fairies, take whirlwind
Useni Lofty Castle Go across castle, glide from balcony to Cupid enemy, glide to island
Baruti Lofty Castle From Useni, take Supercharge ramp to new area, head down and follow path freeing more fairies. Take whirlwind and cross islands
Kosoko Haunted Towers Find purple fairy, kill suit of armour blocking path, take whirlwind, follow level
Lutalo Haunted Towers Just after Supercharge ramp behind wooden door
Copano Haunted Towers Go down Supercharge ramp, take last metal door on right, turn left at pool, jump to the left, go up ramp, jump again, land on platform. Take whirlwind.
Unika Jacques Use the Clock Fool enemies to raise platforms
Revilo Jacques Just before boss fight with Jacques

Gnasty's World

Dragon Name Level Location
Delbin Gnorc Gnexus In centre of the level
Magnus Gnorc Gnexus Same location as Delbin (only appears after defeating Gnasty Gnorc)
Lateef Gnorc Cove On top of crate maze
Tomas Gnorc Cove Through second ship and across bridge, turn left
Cosmos Twilight Harbour Follow main path through second building
Cleetus Twilight Harbour Follow main path through third building and across bridge

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