Spyro the Dragon All Dragon Egg Locations Blue Thieves Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Where are all the dragon eggs in Spyro 1 in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy? The first game in the trilogy, aptly named Spyro the Dragon, not only has you rescuing dragons from their frozen state, but also tasks you with recovering dragon eggs that have been stolen by blue thieves. These devilish enemies won't attack you, but will taunt you and run away, clutching a precious dragon egg in their hands. As part of our Spyro: Reignited Trilogy guide, we've created a list of all 12 thieves and dragon eggs you can find in Spyro 1. On the hunt for dragon statues too? See our guide: Spyro: Reignited Trilogy - All Dragon Statue Locations in Spyro the Dragon.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy - All Dragon Egg Locations in Spyro the Dragon

Here are the locations for all the blue egg thieves and dragon eggs in Spyro 1, divided by each world and its levels.


Stone Hill: Head to the right and go through the corridor to the next area. The tower in the middle will lift you up to the top, where you can glide across to an elevated part of the level. Keep charging around this area until you find the blue thief. Chase him down to get the egg.

Town Square: Get to the end of the level where you see the 'Return Home' portal. Go back to the top of the steps where the chickens are. Facing the steps, glide to the right, hugging the wall to make the corner, and land on the grassy platform. On this raised area, you'll find the second thief and dragon egg.

Peace Keepers

Peace Keeper Home: At the back of the level near the entrance to Doctor Shemp, use a cannon to shoot the rock with a target on it. This will reveal a platform. Get to it, and glide across to an alcove with a pool in the middle. The blue thief will be here, so take him down to get the third egg.

Dry Canyon: At the start of the level, go left down the small path through to an area where you'll find the thief. Simple, this one.

Cliff Town: Another fairly straightforward dragon egg, the thief in this level can be found across the bridge running around a building. Smack him for egg number five.

Magic Crafters

Magic Crafter Home: There are two dragon eggs to be found in this level. The first is right near the start as you round the first corner in the tunnel. The blue thief will be waiting for you at a junction, but you'll need to be quick to catch him. If you fail, you'll have to backtrack to have him respawn at his starting position.

The second thief is found in the open area as you exit the interior section. Go to the very top towards the end of the level to find him.

Alpine Ridge: Get to the 'Return Home' portal. Face the open area you've gone through and find the archway to the right, near a few ledges with fireworks on them. Glide to it, and you'll find the blue thief in here carrying another dragon egg.

High Caves: Another level with two dragon eggs. Number one requires you to make a supercharged jump from the ramp in the latter half of the stage. As you enter the jump, hang a right towards a grassy area where you'll find a blue thief.

The second one can be found after the cave with the supercharge ramp. Head out to the middle of the bridge and face right to see two ledges you can glide to. Follow the archway on the second platform through to find the blue thief.

Wizard Peak: The final two dragon eggs are to be found in this level. Get to the second supercharge ramp and charge down, then straight up the one ahead and leap to the floating platform in the distance. Behind the high wall is a cunningly hidden blue thief.

The final dragon egg and blue thief is later in the level. You should easily spot him circling a pool towards the end of the stage, up some steps and on the right.

And that's all the dragon egg locations in Spyro 1 in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. Have you found them all yet? Tell us in the comments section below, and read our Spyro: Reignited Trilogy guide for lots more on the game.