SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated All Patrick's Socks Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Where are all of Patrick's socks in SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated? As part of our SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated guide, we'll reveal the location of every one of Patrick's lost socks.

It wouldn't be a 3D platformer without a whole bunch of stuff to gather along the way, and Patrick's sock collection has been scattered throughout the game. You'll want to find all 80 of Patrick's socks, because not only will it help you 100 per cent complete the game, but you'll need them in order to collect every golden spatula. Finding Patrick's socks also unlocks a number of Trophies, including Sock Getter, Sock Concert, and Sock Opera. For more on Trophies, visit our guide to SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.

Here's where to find every one of Patrick's lost socks.

SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated: All Patrick's Socks Locations

Below are all the places you'll find Patrick's socks, divided into tables for each level of the game.

Bikini Bottom

Area Location Description Requirements
SpongeBob's house Library Atop the timed platforms (activated by pressing switch above the door) N/A
Squidward's house - Destroy everything you can in the room, it appears by the window N/A
Bikini Bottom Patrick Approach Patrick by his house and talk to him N/A
Patrick's house - Attack Patrick's couch N/A
Shady Shoals Rest Home - Attack the TV, appears on a table Unlock 15 Golden Spatulas gate
Bikini Bottom Fountain Jump on top of the fountain and spin attack Unlock 15 Golden Spatulas gate
The Krusty Krab Main room Destroy everything you can, will appear in the crow's nest Unlock 40 Golden Spatulas gate
Bikini Bottom Behind The Krusty Krab Attack the dumpster, it'll move and reveal a sock Unlock 40 Golden Spatulas gate

Jellyfish Fields

Area Location Description Requirements
Jellyfish Fields First section Opposite bridge, climb platforms to the right, sock hidden behind wall of Tiki crates N/A
Jellyfish Fields First section Use Patrick to throw Freezy Fruit into the goo and walk across ice to grab the sock Patrick
Jellyfish Fields First section Push button on raised platform to reveal path to island in the distance N/A
Jellyfish Fields First section Knock down the bowling pins with SpongeBob's Bubble Bowling move SpongeBob's Bubble Bowling ability
Jellyfish Fields First section Next to teetering platform, instead bounce on the flower-like trees all the way to Jellyfish Rock N/A
Jellyfish Fields First section Bounce on the same flower tree as above but turn around to reach a new area. Jump across floating Tikis N/A
Jellyfish Caves Slide Take the slide and as it turns to the right, jump up to secret path on the right N/A
Jellyfish Caves Slide Right at the end of the slide, jump off the ramp and onto a platform on the right-hand side N/A
Jellyfish Caves Cave After stacking Throw Fruit to reach second platform, turn around and jump to grab the floating sock Patrick
Jellyfish Caves Cave After slide, find Freezy Fruit and freeze the goo. A sock is hidden behind some rocks Patrick
Jellyfish Lake - Going up the mountain, the path splits. To the left is a Tar-Tar enemy and behind him a pressure plate. Stand on it and use the Cruise Bubble move to destroy the floating Tikis SpongeBob's Cruise Bubble ability
Jellyfish Lake - After paying 2000 shiny objects, continue until on a plateau with some stone platforms to the left. Hop across these to find the sock N/A
Jellyfish Lake - Just before narrow slope up to a teetering bridge, bear left and go down a small path N/A
Spork Mountain Slide After beating King Jellyfish, take the slide. As it turns to the right, continue forward and hop down to a hidden path. Follow this for another sock N/A

Downtown Bikini Bottom

Area Location Description Requirements
Downtown Bikini Bottom - From the large statue, look to left to see row of Tikis. Get past these and beat the Tar-tar enemy, who's guarding the sock N/A
Downtown Bikini Bottom - Next to Bubble Buddy is a set of floating platforms. Climb these to get the sock N/A
Downtown Bikini Bottom - As Sandy, continue over the rooftops until you see a large broken pipe on the ground. Glide over to it to get the sock Sandy
Downtown Bikini Bottom - Continue over the rooftops until you see four lasso points. To your right is the bank and a tall building. Use the lasso points and Sandy's glide to get to the ledge of the tall building Sandy
Rooftops - As soon as you enter the Rooftops section, turn around and find the bus stop at the back. Change to SpongeBob, push the button on the right. Use trampoline and find the sock on the propeller SpongeBob
Rooftops - Slide down the short pipe and you'll land on a roof where the sock awaits Sandy
Rooftops Lighthouse Before you enter the lighthouse, run around to the back where a sock is hidden N/A
Lighthouse - After beating all the robots in the lighthouse, trampolines will appear. Bounce all the way back up to the top N/A
Sea Needle West hallway Go down the east hallway and look to the right. Fire SpongeBob's Cruise Bubble and hit the button. Swap to Sandy and go to the west hallway, jump on the platform. Swing from the lasso point onto a hallway on the left SpongeBob's Cruise Bubble ability, Sandy

Goo Lagoon

Area Location Description Requirements
Goo Lagoon - As Patrick, get on top of the lifeguard tower with the Throw Fruit. Throw it at the floating button. Use the platforms to cross to the next tower. Repeat Patrick
Goo Lagoon - Get on top of the lighthouse building and look down to the left. There's a sock on top of the juice bar N/A
Goo Lagoon Sand castle Get to sand castle area. On the left of the archway is a staircase of Tikis. Use the small sand castles to get onto the sign, then jump onto the Tikis. Climb as fast as you can and jump onto the archway N/A
Goo Lagoon Sand castle Once you traverse the castle, you'll see a bridge with a bunch of Tikis on it. Instead, hop across the platforms to the left and onto a blue striped awning. Bounce to the top of the castle, a sock sits atop a pyramid of Tikis N/A
Goo Lagoon Sand castle As Patrick, go through the castle gate again and climb up before the goo rises. Get to the Freezy Fruit and freeze the goo at its highest point. Walk across and jump up to alcove Patrick
Goo Lagoon Sea Caves - Jump to the first buoy in the cave and drop down to the lower level. Turn around and under the ledge is the sock N/A
Goo Lagoon Sea Caves - Walk up the slope with the pufferfish. Avoid them, and jump up to the floating Tiki. Hop across the Tikis until you get to an upper ledge. Follow it around SpongeBob
Goo Lagoon Sea Caves - At the end of the cave is a Freezy Fruit. Change to Patrick, then use Freezy Fruit on the goo. Walk across the goo to the left, sock is behind stone pillars Patrick
Goo Lagoon Pier - As Patrick, progress along the pier until you come to a game called 'Whack a Tiki'. Throw the fruit at the button and destroy all the Tikis within the time limit Patrick
Goo Lagoon Pier - As Patrick, find the icy surface with robots on. Use the Throw Fruit to destroy the Duplicatotron 1000 at the end Patrick
Goo Lagoon Pier - On the area with the entrance to the Goo Lagoon Slide, to the left is a Clamsicles kart. Use it to jump onto the Food and Drinks stall N/A


Area Location Description Requirements
Mermalair First area Defeat the big robot and find the Bubble Bowling paddlewheel. Spin the platform all the way to the right. Use the bungee hook to grab the sock SpongeBob
Mermalair Main Chamber Slide Progress through the level and hop onto the slide. At the very end, double jump to reach the sock above the lampposts N/A
Mermalair Security Tunnel - Get to the end of this area and pay 2,300 shiny objects to the clam. Cross the path of conveyor belts to reach the sock N/A
Rolling Ball Area - Find the teetering wooden platform. At the end, there's a sock over the edge above a Tiki N/A

Rock Bottom

Area Location Description Requirements
Rock Bottom - As Sandy, reach the rooftop with the trampoline, go across to the clifftop. Push the button to activate a lasso point. There's a sock on the tall rock on the left, use the lasso point and glide to get across Sandy
Rock Bottom - There's a collapsed platform on the ground. Follow it to the edge and look down to find a ledge with a sock on it N/A
Rock Bottom - Further up from the collapsed platform is a box with a button next to it. Turn right and get on the floating platform. Right below you is a Duplicatotron 1000. Drop down and follow the path to a sock N/A
Rock Bottom Museum - Press all the buttons in the first part to eliminate the danger. Drop down and find the sock beneath the balcony N/A
Rock Bottom Museum - Facing the exit, look right and glide over to the balcony Sandy
Rock Bottom Museum - From the same place, another sock is on another balcony on the left Sandy
Trench of Advanced Darkness - On the main path next to a Duplicatotron 1000 N/A
Trench of Advanced Darkness Bungee hook Pay 2,400 shiny objects to reveal the bungee hook. Use it to get a sock SpongeBob
Trench of Advanced Darkness - After talking to Plankton, use Sandy to swing across to the first pedestal. You can drop down here to a lower platform with a sock on it Sandy

Sand Mountain

Area Location Description Requirements
Sand Mountain - You'll come to a small patch of ice with a snowman at the back. Reach it and hit it to reveal a sock N/A
Sand Mountain - There's a bridge to the Flounder Hill entrance. Drop down beneath the bridge to find a sock N/A
Guppy Mound Slide Take the slide and where the path splits, take the upper path on the left. Follow it to get a sock N/A
Guppy Mound Slide Take the slide again. Hit the switch to extend the slide, watch out for a narrow path on the left N/A
Guppy Mound Slide Right near the end of the slide on the right-hand side is a small hill with a sock on it N/A
Flounder Hill Slide Destroy all eight snowmen (sandmen?) on the slide's various paths N/A
Flounder Hill Slide Stay on the upper path. You need to get on top of the tunnels. The sock is on top of the third tunnel N/A
Sand Mountain Slide Use the trampoline to bounce up to a higher path, a sock is at the end N/A
Sand Mountain Slide Use second trampoline. Activate the button to start the snowball. Follow it out of the tunnel. Instead of veering left, jump over to the new path straight ahead N/A
Sand Mountain Slide As Sandy, use second trampoline again. Where the button is, jump to the right and use the lasso point and glide across to the tall platform. Glide to the other platforms to reach a sock Sandy

Kelp Forest

Area Location Description Requirements
Kelp Forest - You'll see a row of Shh Tikis. Bubble Bowl them all to reveal a sock SpongeBob
Kelp Forest - As Patrick, find the Freezy Fruit. Throw it into the goo and run across to the sock by the waterfall Patrick
Kelp Forest - You'll come across a set of floating Tikis with Thunder Tikis on top, like a staircase. As quickly as you can, you need to climb up these and onto a platform before they explode. Jump up the brown leaves to reach a sock SpongeBob
Kelp Swamp - Bounce across all the brown leaves to reach a sock N/A
Kelp Swamp - Back at the start, turn around and bounce on the brown leaf. Get to the other brown leaf and use double jump to go around to the left and reach a platform. Find another brown leaf and double jump to another platform with the sock N/A
Kelp Caves - Go all the way to the end of this part of the level. The sock is on an outcropping overlooking the bus stop N/A
Kelp Vines Slide After the checkpoint, veer left and bounce on a brown leaf to get to a left-hand path. Look out for another brown leaf on your left as you go down N/A

Flying Dutchman's Graveyard

Area Location Description Requirements
Flying Dutchman's Graveyard - There's a sock on a mast in the swamp. Either use SpongeBob to hop onto the horizontal pole and climb up, or come back with Sandy and glide over N/A
Graveyard of Ships On one of the broken ships, go right to the edge. Fall down and double back to go "inside" the hull N/A
Dutchman's Ship Once you activate the last cannon, use Sandy to lasso over to the second ship. You'll see a sock along the rope Sandy

SpongeBob's Dream

Area Location Description Requirements
Sandy's Dream - Walk to the other side of the big yellow building that has oil in front Sandy
Sandy's Dream Slide While riding the slide, you'll need to use a lasso point to swing up to the highest pathway and get the sock Sandy
Sandy's Dream - You'll come to an oil well and an area covered in oil. Go behind the oil well N/A
Squidward's Dream Squidward's house Inside Squidward's house, reach the third checkpoint. You will have to platform over notes and trampolines, but there's a sock on the left along the way N/A
Mr. Krabs' Dream - At the far end of the giant grill with all the robots on it, you'll find a sock off the edge N/A

And there we go. That's every one of Patrick's socks in the game. Finding all 80 will unlock some PS4 Trophies, as well as let you grab eight more golden spatulas on your quest to find all 100 golden spatulas. You may also be interested in where to find every pair of golden underwear. Be sure to check out our SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated guide for even more help.