Do you need a Chapter 7 walkthrough for Resident Evil 4? This is the seventh of 16 Chapters in the game, which form the Main Story. As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, we're going to share our in-depth Chapter 7 walkthrough. It will cover every enemy encounter, puzzle solutions, highlight Collectibles, mention Blue Request Notes, and touch on any other points of interest. The walkthrough is broken down into the main objectives the game tells you to complete.

Leon and Ashley evade their attackers and make their way to a castle. However, they have no idea of the evil that lies in wait behind its walls.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Chapter 7 Walkthrough 1
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With a radio call with Luis, the game's seventh chapter picks up right where Chapter 6 left off. Luis wants to meet up with you inside the Castle, so now it's time to explore a new location.

Head for the Courtyard

As soon as you enter the Castle, you'll be greeted by the charismatic Merchant in a room to your right. Feel free to buy a new weapon, upgrade a current one, or sell any unwanted items before you delve deeper into the stone walls ahead. Guns like the Blacktail, Stringray, and Broken Butterfly will all be new to you. We also recommend trading 3 Spinels for the Treasure Map: Castle.

When you're ready to move out, destroy the breakable barrels outside for a Hand Grenade, Handgun Ammo, and Pesetas, then head upstairs further into the Castle. Crouch down behind the wall when the Zealots walk past you on the opposite, then head around to the right to spot another being consumed by a parasite. Pummel it with bullets to kill it.

There'll be Gunpowder and a Green Herb in the breakable barrels up ahead, then a staircase outside leads you to the Castle Gate. Deal with the archers first, then follow the path up the staircase to the right. Up here, Zealots will use trebuchets to launch huge flaming rocks at you. They're fairly easy to avoid, but don't stay out in the open for too long. Follow the main path under the bridge and up the stairs to the right and you'll spot what needs destroying in order to progress: the Castle Gate.

To do this, you need to get your hands on a Cannon. Go right and take refuge in the ruins, then head south to where you'll notice a large hole in the floor. You can drop down here and shoot the counterweight attached to the Cannon to raise it to where you just were. Now follow the path out of the room and it'll loop you back to the ruins. From this elevated position, you can shoot red barrels next to all of the trebuchets and destroy them. This makes getting back to the Cannon much easier. Get back to the Cannon, man it and turn it towards the Castle Gate, then shoot to destroy it.

Go through the rubble, destroying the breakable barrels for supplies. Before you properly enter the Castle, there's a Blue Request Note called Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 to complete where you just were.

Once inside, you'll be able to converse with the Merchant and then meet the famous Ramón Salazar in a cutscene. It is his Castle, after all, and we've just made quite the entrance. A bunch of Zealots will rush Leon and Ashley right after the cutscene, some of which have shields. If you've got any Hand Grenades, these will come in use as you round the enemies up into a tight area and deal heavy damage to them all at once.

When they're all dead, take stock of the Audience Chamber and resupply through the items sourced by breaking the large pots around the edges of the room. To start making moves, head to the northeastern corner of the Audience Chamber (as you look at the Map) and give Ashley a boost. She'll unlock the metal gate for you. Before going through the gap in the wall, take a right and grab the Elegant Perfume Bottle for selling to the Merchant.

Look for Another Way Around

On the other side of the crack in the wall, you can grab a Ruby to your left and then follow the righthand path to the Dungeons. Take a left through the prison and pick up the Dungeon Key at the end. Leon will then fall through the floor, putting him face to face with a Garrador. These enemies are blind, so they rely on their hearing to track you down. After sneaking away and reaching the main fight arena, stay crouched and creep up on the Garrador and shoot the parasite coming out of its back. After attacking it enough times, the Garrador will die and drop a Red Beryl.

You can now leave by using the crank and then taking the ladder back up to the Dungeons entrance. Use the Dungeon Key on the locked door and take the ladder up to a storage room. In here is a Clockwork Castellan and a Spinel.

You'll be in the Treasury next, which contains the Sword Puzzle. Please refer to our How to Solve the Sword Puzzle in the Treasury guide for the solution.

With the metal gate open, continue on, grabbing the Gold Bangle and supplies as you go. Exit and you'll be on the second floor of the Audience Chamber. For starters, head to the end of the current path you're on and kick down the ladder so you can easily get down and back up again.

Head for the Courtyard

You're actually able to swing from one side of the room to the other using the chandeliers in the centre, so do so and then head right and drop down into the little room to claim the Golden Hourglass. Climb back up to the second floor and take a look at the symbols on the metal gate blocking your path westward. You need to shoot the corresponding symbol plates; one is on the left-hand side of the room while the other is on the right. You can get to the second one by swinging on the first chandelier.

Go through the newly accessible door and down the stairs, and then you'll hear from Ramón Salazar again. He says he's put some entertainment on for us, which is always nice. We recommend saving at the Typewriter in the room to the south, and then heading through to the Water Hall. You'll immediately notice a raised drawbridge ahead of you, which needs to be lowered in order to progress. There's also a pedestal that's missing a part; we'll need to find it to move forwards.

A whole bunch of Zealots will rush the room, which need to be killed before you do anything else. Next, go down to the level below via the left-hand staircase and repeat the process of slaughtering the Zealots you find down there. A lot of the enemies have the potential to mutate, so don't expect this fight to be easy. Once they're all dead, grab all the supplies and take the Halo Wheel from the pedestal. You can use this on the contraption to your right to return to the floor above. Then, use the Halo Wheel once more on the pedestal in the centre of the room to lower the drawbridge.

On the floor above, gather the supplies and then use the Halo Wheel on the contraption at the end again to reveal part of a bridge. To raise the remaining two sections, Ashley will need to go and use the cranks. This means she won't be by your side, and Zealots will be running after her while she does this on both sides of the room. You'll need to defend her, killing the Zealots that get close. The Stringray is ideal for this encounter, allowing you to accurately land a lot of damage at once.

Some enemies will also spawn on your level, meaning you'll need to fight two battles at once. When Ashley has raised both platforms, she'll automatically climb down and join your side again. At this point, you can cross the bridge to the other side and complete Chapter 7 having given Ashley a boost over the wall outside.

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