Do you need a Chapter 6 walkthrough for Resident Evil 4? This is the sixth of 16 Chapters in the game, which form the Main Story. As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, we're going to share our in-depth Chapter 6 walkthrough. It will cover every enemy encounter, puzzle solutions, highlight Collectibles, mention Blue Request Notes, and touch on any other points of interest. The walkthrough is broken down into the main objectives the game tells you to complete.

Ashley discovers that she is also infected with the parasite known as the plaga. But all is not lost, as Luis offers them hope. With no choice, Leon comforts her as they continue on.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Chapter 6 Walkthrough 11
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Following the events of Chapter 5 and the bad weather, the extraction isn't coming right now. Your main objective is to leave the Village behind, so accompany Ashley away from the Villa and head north.

Escape from the Village

The only way forward at the start of Chapter 6 is the linear path heading north, so take it until you find the Merchant. We recommend buying the Riot Gun from him at this point, and upgrading any other weapons you find yourself using often. In the next area beyond the gate, the game suggests you try and be stealthy. However, outside of the first enemy or so, that's a difficult thing to achieve in this particular section. Feel free to kill the Villagers however you like, picking up the supplies and items they drop as you go. There are loads of breakable barrels and boxes tucked away in corners, so keep your eyes peeled.

Make sure to grab the Yellow Diamond, and then also the Chalice of Atonement from the small house on the wooden bridge with the gorge on your right. You'll also find a Clockwork Castellan in this area.

You'll soon reach the Checkpoint area, which has a few Villagers patrolling and some supplies for you to suck up. To progress, head into the house via the second floor and out the other side to find a Wayshrine with an Elegant Headdress inside. Return to the house, mopping up supplies along the way, and command Ashley to hide inside the locker up here. There's going to be a big fight downstairs and you won't want to be worrying about her as well as Leon.

Jump downstairs and go to pick up the crank on the back wall, only to be ambushed by the Chainsaw Sisters. More Villagers will quickly join the fight, so you'll need to use the tight space effectively. Try and separate the two Chainsaw Villagers so you can focus your fire on one of them. A Checkpoint Crank will be dropped by one while the second gives you a Sapphire. Once the coast is clear, call Ashley back to your side. You can then use the Checkpoint Crank on the gate and progress by holding the X button.

You'll soon come to a house, which is accessible via the roof and contains lots of supplies inside. Take all of them and then exit out the back and through the gate ahead.

Flee from the Villagers

A cutscene sees the incredibly tall man named Méndez return, and he's about to give chase. You can stagger him by shooting him a few times, but that only stops him for a very short time. Up ahead will be a lot of Villagers standing in your way, but you don't have enough time to kill them all. Simply focus on staggering them so they can't attack you, and then run past.

When you notice a red barrel, wait for the Villagers ahead to gather around it and then shoot it. It's essential you kill as many of them as possible with it, otherwise, you may leave enough standing to where they can grab you and slow you down. The bridge up ahead will then blow up, so take a left into a cutscene. The path beneath your feet, allowing you to escape.

The Merchant awaits just up ahead, so do the usual thing of selling unwanted items and upgrading the weapons you use most. Go up the stairs into the house and prepare for a boss fight with Méndez.

Defeat Méndez

The tall figure has now gotten even taller, sprouting new arms and considerably elongating its spine. Shoot its chest and head area, and it'll stagger after enough hits. This gives you the chance to get in close and stab the large eyeball on the back of its neck.

After enough damage has been dealt, the boss will disconnect from its torso entirely and take to the rafters where it'll swing to and fro. The SR M1903 rifle is a great choice for this section, allowing you to deal accurate, heavy damage at range. Aim for the head and shoot the red barrels before it can throw them at you. If you need health, there are Green Herbs and Red Herbs on the floor above. Eventually, Méndez will die in a cutscene.

Escape from the Slaughterhouse

Before you exit the building, pick up the eyeball that popped out of Méndez. It's something you can sell to the Merchant. Jump out of the window where Ashley is to progress.

Escape from the Village

Follow the only path open to you, grabbing the Emerald near the car as you go. Approach the Castle and Chapter 6 will end.

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