MultiVersus: Harley Quinn - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win Guide 1
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Harley Quinn is one of the playable characters in MultiVersus, the free-to-play party fighter from Warner Bros. Games. You'll recognise the Joker's other half from various DC Comics cartoons, as well as the recent Suicide Squad movies. As part of our MultiVersus guide, we will be outlining all you need to know about Harley Quinn in the game. We'll introduce all unlockables, moves, and how to win.

MultiVersus: Harley Quinn - All Unlockables, Moves, and How to Win

On this page, we'll introduce everything you need to know about Harley Quinn in MultiVersus, including all unlockables, moves, and how to win.

Harley Quinn: Official Biography and Overview

MultiVersus: Harley Quinn - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win Guide 2
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Before we begin to learn about all unlockables, moves, and how to win with Harley Quinn, we should get to know a little more about the character courtesy of her official biography and overview.

Name First Appearance Archetype Voiced By
Harley Quinn (or Dr Harleen Quinzel) Batman: The Animated Series - "Joker's Favor" (1992) Assassin Tara Strong

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the DC Comics universe, Harley Quinn has gone on to become one of the franchise's most iconic characters. That rise to stardom has been partly catapulted by Margot Robbie's performance as the conflicted clown jester. Her backstory sees her working as a psychiatrist, where she meets Joker and decides on a different path. Having operated as J-Man's sidekick for years, she's now forming a criminal career of her own in MultiVersus — and no one's going to get in her way.

Harley Quinn: All Unlockables and Costumes

MultiVersus: Harley Quinn - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win Guide 3
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For this section of the guide, we're keeping a record of all unlockables for Harley Quinn, including her various cosmetic costumes options.

Item Name Description Cost / How to Unlock
Mad Love Variant 1,500 Gleamium
Announcer Pack Harley Announcer Pack 100 Gleamium
Bye Bye Emote Taunt 350 Gleamium
Harley - Crazy Emote Sticker 150 Gleamium

Harley Quinn: All Perks

MultiVersus: Harley Quinn - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win Guide 4
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In this section of the guide, we're revealing a list of all Perks for Harley Quinn. These can be unlocked with XP as part of Harley Quinn's Mastery track. Remember that unlocking a character's Perks will make it cheaper to purchase them as Train Perks on another character, with the exception of Signature Perks which are exclusive to the character they're unlocked for.

Offense Perks

Perk Name Description How to Unlock
Up, Up, and A-Slay Your team deals 5% increased damage with attacks that knock back enemies upward. Reach Mastery Level 2
Hit 'Em While They're Down Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting debuffed enemies. Reach Mastery Level 11

Defense Perks

Perk Name Description How to Unlock
Slippery Customer Your team receives a 10% longer dodge invulnerability window. Reach Mastery Level 7

Utility Perks

Perk Name Description How to Unlock
Triple Jump Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in air. Reach Mastery Level 4
Fancy Footwork Your team receives 5% increased dodge distance. Reach Mastery Level 13

Signature Perks

Perk Name Description How to Unlock
Glove Control Harley can aim the direction she fires her boxing glove on her air down normal attack. Reach Mastery Level 8
Smooth Moves Harley's ground and air side specials also become dodges, giving her brief invulnerability at the beginning of the attack. Reach Mastery Level 10
Confetti Explosion Instead of igniting, at max stacks Harley's Confetti debuff creates a large explosion launching enemies upward. Reach Mastery Level 12

Harley Quinn: All Moves and How to Win

MultiVersus: Harley Quinn - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win Guide 5
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If you want to play as Harley Quinn, in this section we'll introduce the character's moves and how to win. Please note that any inputs listed are the default controls.


Move Name Description Input


Charge a mallet swing. Neutral
Clown Combo A combo of kicks and bat swings that ends with an upward swing. Side
Heads Up Charge an overhead swing. A full charge will hit with a twirl before the swing. Up
Slider Charge a slide attack. Charging extends the distance of the slide. Press input again to combo into a forward kick. Down
Aerial Pummeler Harley charges and swings her mallet beneath her. The hit is stronger in the latter half of the swing. Air Neutral
Flying Kicks A combo of kicks that ends with Harley bouncing back from her enemy. Air Side
Confetti Grenade Harley fires grenade launcher overhead, dealing Confetti Debuff to enemies. Air Up
Boxing Ringer Charge and fire a boxing glove Projectile down. Air Down


Move Name Description Input
Stuffie Bat Equip a bat plush bomb. Press special and a direction to throw the bomb and attach it to fighters. Press input again to detonate the bomb: damaging and dealing a Confetti Debuff to enemies and Refreshing allies' air moves. All fighters are knocked back. Throw multiple bombs before a Cooldown. Neutral
Prank Shot Harley dashes forward, fires a boxing glove Projectile behind her. Side
Batter Up! Harley dashes upward and delivers a powerful baseball bat swing. Up
Jerk-in-the-Box Harley places a jack-in-the-box Projectile that detonates when an enemy touches it, knocking them upward. Allies can activate it by jumping while next to the box. Enemies receive a Confetti Debuff, and allies have air options Refreshed. Cooldown applies. Down

Passive Abilities

  • Confetti Time!: After applying the Confetti Debuff to enemies, Harley and her allies must knockback the victim multiple times to apply a Fire Debuff to them.
  • Glass Cannon: Assassins have high speed and high damage but they lack durability. As a result, assassins take 14% additional damage from all sources.

How to Win as Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn delivers excellent damage and is a very quick fighter, but she also takes a lot of damage, too. This means you need to be precise with your actions, lingering on the sidelines and then doing damage only when the opportunities arise. We'd recommend equipping the Confetti Explosion Signature Perk once unlocked, as this can be a great finisher when an opponent is on a high percentage. Triggering the Confetti Debuff can be done pretty easily by dropping a Jerk-in-the-Box and then chaining just five hits — pretty simple with Clown Combo.

Clown Combo can be pretty easily chained into Whack if you need to quickly and easily build up some damage and then thump the opponent out of the ring; Batter Up! is also a great anti-air which can disrupt the rhythm of opponents trying to attack from above.

Harley Quinn is a bit of a lone wolf and is quite weak, so consider pairing her with a character who can help defend her, like Wonder Woman. You may also want to look into adding some Defense Perks, like Kryptonian Skin, to help smooth out her weaknesses.

Now you know everything there is to know about Harley Quinn in MultiVersus. Do you enjoy playing as the Joker's squeeze? Share your own suggestions in the comments section below, and check out our MultiVersus guide for much more. And, for more on other MultiVersus characters, refer to the following pages: