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Where are all the collectibles in Ruins in Kena: Bridge of Spirits? What collectibles are in Ruins, and where can you find them? As part of our Kena: Bridge of Spirits guide, we're going to outline where to find all the collectibles in Ruins.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Ruins Collectibles

Here's every collectible in Ruins in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.


There are 8 Rot to be found in the Ruins. It's the forested area right at the beginning of the game. The very first Rot you encounter does not count towards the total, as it's part of the story and unmissable.

Rot Location
#1 Straight ahead just after you learn how to jump/double jump
#2 From above location, forward and to the right, up some rocks, at some stone tablets
#3 From #2, forward and to the left under log. Stand on platform and pulse to raise platforms leading to waterfall. Rot is in cave behind waterfall
#4 From waterfall, jump back down and go up steps to the right, continue round to the left and up more steps. Rot is in a lantern
#5 From #5, go down the steps and through a doorway to the left. Continue down more steps and you'll find a chest with a Rot inside
#6, 7, 8 You will get three more Rot after defeating Sprout mini-boss

That's all the collectibles in Ruins in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Have you found everything yet? Tell us in the comments section below, and check out our Kena: Bridge of Spirits guide for lots more. If you're still looking for collectibles, here's what's next up: