The Wings of the Ten is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West and automatically follows All That Remains. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about The Wings of the Ten.

The Wings of the Ten: Overview

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You'll pick up The Wings of the Ten immediately upon concluding All That Remains.
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest Aloy has a plan to end Regalla's rebellion, defeat the Zeniths, and rescue Beta and GAIA. But first she must reunite with her companions... And lay a dear friend to rest. 32

The Wings of the Ten: Walkthrough

First you'll need to travel back to The Base to chat with all your allies. Then speak specifically with Zo, who's just outside the western exit. Once you're done, go back inside The Base and craft the Sunwing Override from the marked console where you craft overrides. Go out of The Base and to the Sunwing Site which is just above. Remember to sneak up on one by using square to crouch down and mute your footsteps. Override one and start flying.

Your first objective is to fly to a nearby Tallneck. Once you approach it, push circle to enter a kind of hover state and land on its head to override it. Then follow the coordinates to a Horus, and grab its Power Cell. Your next stop is the Memorial Grove, where you'll fight Regalla.

There are three phases to the fight with Regalla. The first you can focus on melee combat, so use some of the combos you've learned so far and dodge out of her way. Then for the next phase use your bow and try to target her mask. Once you get to the final phase, we'd recommended keeping your distance and breaking her mask. Once it's off, you can get some critical hits by landing headshots. If you're focusing on melee, then remember to build up Resonator Blasts which you can shoot with your bow to inflict extra damage. Once Regalla's down, you'll need to decide her fate to complete the quest.

Regalla: Should You Save Her or Kill Her?

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Towards the end of The Wings of the Ten, you'll need to make a critical decision about Regalla's fate. Saving her means you'll be able to talk to her in Singularity, and she'll also aid you in combat as you storm the Zenith base. Obviously, if you kill her, you'll miss out on these scenes, although they inconsequential overall and have no impact on the game's ending.

Objective Log

  • Return to the Base
  • Talk to Zo
  • Craft the Sunwing Override
  • Go to the Peaks Above the Base
  • Override a Sunwing
  • Mount a Sunwing
  • Fly to the Tallneck
  • Land on the Tallneck
  • Override the Tallneck
  • Call Your Sunwing
  • Gather a Horus Energy Cell
  • Fly to the Memorial Grove
  • Drop the Energy Cell on Regalla's Rebels
  • Defeat Regalla

The Wings of the Ten: Rewards

  • 25,600 XP
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 1 Tenakth High Marshal
  • 1 Tenakth Reaver
  • 1 Regalla's Wrath

The Wings of the Ten: Notes

Completing The Wings of the Ten, regardless of any decisions you make, will unlock the Flew on the Wings of the Ten Trophy.

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