All That Remains is an Interlude in Horizon Forbidden West and automatically follows GEMINI. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about All That Remains.

All That Remains: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: All That Remains Guide 1
All That Remains immediately follows the events of GEMINI, and begins with Aloy awaking in a strange location.
Type Description Recommended Level
Interlude Aloy wakes to grief and sorrow — and seeks to understand why a Zenith has risked everything to save her. 31

All That Remains: Walkthrough

All That Remains is a very straightforward and story-focused quest. You'll start out in an art gallery, and can optionally interact with the paintings here. Once you're done, prepare yourself for a long conversation with Tilda.

Objective Log

  • Meet Tilda Upstairs
  • Examine the Art (Optional)

All That Remains: Rewards

  • 2 Skill Points

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