Plainsong has a Hunting Grounds in Horizon Forbidden West. This is a mostly stealth focused Hunting Ground, so bring your best Infiltrator Outfits and Weaves. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about the Hunting Grounds in Plainsong.

Hunting Grounds (Plainsong): All Challenges

Horizon Forbidden West: Hunting Grounds (Plainsong) Guide 1
You'll first learn about the Hunting Grounds by speaking to Ivinna in Plainsong.
Trial Description Time Tips and Tricks
Silent Looting Trial Loot supply caches without alerting or damaging any machines.
  • Full Stripes: 3:30
  • Half Stripes: 4:30
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00
You have a lot of time here, even if you're going for Full Stripes. The best tactic is to use your Focus to highlight the routes of the machines, allowing you to move between the tall grass safely and efficiently. You'll waste a lot of time if you get detected, so focus on playing clean and remaining undetected.
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Silent Strike Trial Kill machines using Silent Strike and Strike from Above to remain undetected.
  • Full Stripes: 1:30
  • Half Stripes: 2:30
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00
For Full Stripes you have a lot less time in this trial, but still more than enough to get the job done as there are only three Burrowers to defeat. You'll get the first immediately after ziplining into the arena. The quickest way to get the second and third is to use your Pullcaster up to the pillars, then Shieldwing glide over them and Strike from Above.
Silent Gliding Trial Use your Shieldwing to glide undetected over machines and kill them from above.
  • Full Stripes: 1:00
  • Half Stripes: 2:00
  • Quarter Stripes: 10:00
This is arguably even easier, as there are only two machines you need to kill this time, and you're basically repeating the same strategy from the previous trial. Zipline down and immediately Pullcaster yourself up to the nearby tower. Then Shieldwing glide above the first machine and Strike from Above. Pullcaster back up and navigate the arena to the next machine, and repeat the process. You'll be done in around 30 seconds.

Hunting Grounds (Plainsong): Notes

Hunting Medals earned during the Hunting Grounds can be spent on weapons at The Arena. You'll need to complete all four Hunting Grounds to unlock the Obtained 3 Stripes at All Hunting Grounds Trophy.

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