Death's Door is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West and automatically follows The Embassy. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Death's Door.

Death's Door: Overview

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Death's Door begins immediately after you've completed The Embassy and entered the Forbidden West.
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest Aloy heads to the location of the coordinates she recovered from the Spire. Sylens is leading her somewhere... but the sage's motives are as mysterious as the new lands she must cross. 10

Death's Door: Walkthrough

In order to track down Sylens, head to the coordinates you recovered from the Spire west of Stone's Echo. You'll happen upon a workshop where Sylens will tell you about an Orb. Follow its trail to LATOPOLIS, ensuring to salvage scrap from the Leaplashers along the way. You'll need this later. Be careful of Glinthawks in the area. If you get stuck, make sure you're literally following the Orb's trail on the ground, and not necessarily the trail from your Focus.

Once inside, Sylens will task you with crafting an Igniter, using parts from the Leaplasher site nearby. Use the workbench just outside LATOPOLIS to build it once you have the requisite pieces, and enter the dungeon. It's flooded, and you'll need to head to the left to begin navigating the area. Remember to always drop the ladders in the flooded room so you can easily get back up. Use the Power Cell in all the terminals to unlock Holograms and open doors.

Navigation is particularly awkward in the flooded room, so remember to use your Focus to highlight climbing ledges and your Pullcaster to grapple onto faraway ledges. Also, look out for yellow beam with blue grates on them: these can be pulled down with your Pullcaster to create new platforms you can climb on. If you do fall in the water, then unfortunately you'll have to swim back to the nearest ladder and try again. There is Firegleam on the far left side of the room, just beyond the Inner Gene Hatch, which has a chest and some loot behind it, but seeing as the platforming can be quite finicky here, we'd argue it's not worth your time taking the effort to get it, especially if you keep falling in the water.

Once you've recovered the GAIA backup you'll encounter some new, futuristic looking foes. In order to deal with the mysterious stranger, Erik, shoot out the glowing red brackets on the RECLUSE Spider. You can't actually attack Erik, but this will give you an escape route. Stay under water to avoid Specters, and get out of LATOPOLIS with your life.

Security Code Number: What Is It in LATOPOLIS?

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The Security Code Number when you're finding a way to the Inner Gene-Locked Hatch is 7482. You can find this by reading the Text Datapoint left by Travis Tate called Bad Urges.

Objective Log

  • Go to the Coordinates Recovered from the Spire
  • Watch the Hologram
  • Examine the Device
  • Investigate Sylens' Workshop (Optional)
  • Follow the Orb's Trail
  • Examine the Orb
  • Gather Resources for the Igniter
  • Craft the Igniter
  • Ignite the Firegleam
  • Enter the Facility
  • Find a Way to the Inner Gene-Locked Hatch
  • Restore Power to the Terminal
  • Explore the North Side of the Facility
  • Unlock the Door
  • Open the Gene-Locked Hatch
  • Search the Facility for a GAIA Backup
  • Examine the Console
  • Examine the Access Console
  • Search for a Way Out
  • Ignite the Firegleam

Death's Door: Text Datapoints Obtained

  • Interrogation Log
  • Arrivals
  • Bad Urges
  • Testing Log

Death's Door: Hologram Datapoints Obtained

  • Surprise!
  • Hades in Hell
  • Travis and Elisabet

Death's Door: Audio Datapoints Obtained

  • New Home
  • Travis Schools Ted
  • An Apology
  • Travis For No Truck with Traitors

Death's Door: Special Gear Obtained

Installed on the spear, this igniter can be used to detonate Firegleam and clear their obstructions.

Death's Door: Rewards

  • 5,000 XP
  • 2 Skill Points

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