Rebel Outposts are an open world activity in Horizon Forbidden West. There are no missable Rebel Outposts, and you can complete them at any time during the story, so don't worry if you've already finished Singularity. Rebel Outposts will automatically be marked on your map as you approach them. Despite inherent similarities, they are categorised differently to Rebel Camps, which are larger, more purpose-built missions. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to detail all Rebel Outposts.

All Rebel Outposts: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: All Rebel Outposts Guide 1
Rebel Outposts generally have the appearance of camp enclosures, marked with Tenakth paints and dyes.
Type Description Recommended Level
Rebel Outposts Despite Regalla's defeat, rebel holdouts are still causing trouble across the Forbidden West. Varies

All Rebel Outposts: Walkthrough

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All Rebel Outposts follow the same format. Upon entering the camp enclosure, you'll need to find the Outpost Leader. The Outpost Leader can usually be discerned from the other rebels in the camp due to wearing more elaborate armour. There are three types of Outpost Leader that you'll face:

  • Heavily Armed: This type of Outpost Leader will be equipped with machine weaponry, and will inflict massive damage if you get hit. The advantage is that, once taking down, you can then loot that machine weaponry to clear out the rest of the Rebel Outpost.
  • Shielded: This type of Outpost Leader will be equipped with a shield. The best way to deactivate the shield is to target it with Shock damage. Once the shield is down, you can use either melee or arrows to defeat the Outpost Leader.
  • Melee Focused: This type of Outpost Leader will carry a large hammer or spear, and will be particularly deadly in close encounters. It's best to keep your distance and go for headshots with your bow-and-arrow.

Upon defeating an Outpost Leader, you should always loot their body. Sometimes they'll have Soldier Tags on their person, other times you'll loot a key which can then be used on a purple chest someone in the camp. These purple chests will always have Soldier Tags inside them.

Once you have the Soldier Tags, you'll have two options. You can defeat the remaining rebels in the area, or you can make a hasty escape. Aloy will ultimately acknowledge that, without their Outpost Leader, the camp will disband anyway, thus it'll be marked as complete on your map. It's up to you whether you decide to defeat any leftover rebels or not.

Objective Log

  • Find the Outpost Leader
  • Kill the Outpost Leader
  • Loot the Outpost Leader
  • Kill the Holdouts (Optional)
  • Leave the Area

Soldier Tags: What Do They Do?

Soldier Tags can be turned in to Dukkah at The Arena in return for valuable resources and loot.

All Rebel Outposts: Locations

Below is a list of all Rebel Outposts locations in Horizon Forbidden West.

The Deadfalls

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222203237
  • Recommended Level: None

Jagged Deep

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222203538
  • Recommended Level: 10


Horizon Forbidden West 20220222203757
  • Recommended Level: 10

The High Turning

Horizon Forbidden West High Turning
  • Recommended Level: 15

The Dry Yearn

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222204001
  • Recommended Level: 15

Stillsands North

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222203824
  • Recommended Level: 25

Stillsands South

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222203838
  • Recommended Level: 25

Stillsands West

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222203857
  • Recommended Level: 25

Shining Wastes North

Horizon Forbidden West Shining Wastes North
  • Recommended Level: 25

Runner's Wild

Horizon Forbidden West Runner's Wild
  • Recommended Level: 25

Shining Wastes South

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222203951
  • Recommended Level: 30

Note: You must complete this Rebel Outpost as part of Blood for Blood.

Raintrace East

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222204025
  • Recommended Level: 30

The Graypeak

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222204109
  • Recommended Level: 35

Raintrace North

Horizon Forbidden West Raintrace North
  • Recommended Level: 35

Raintrace West

Horizon Forbidden West Raintrace West
  • Recommended Level: 40

The Stand of the Sentinels

Horizon Forbidden West Stand Of The Sentinels
  • Recommended Level: 40

Bonewhite Tear

Horizon Forbidden West 20220222204117
  • Recommended Level: 40

All Rebel Outposts: Rewards

  • Varies

All Rebel Outposts: Notes

Completing any four Rebel Outposts will unlock the Completed 4 Rebel Outposts Trophy.

Did you follow this walkthrough for all Rebel Outposts? For more information on Horizon Forbidden West, including All Quests, refer to our Horizon Forbidden West guide through the link.