Do you need a Venomous Valour walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy? Venemous Valour is a Side Quest in the game. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we are going to share our full Venemous Valour walkthough, which includes a step-by-step guide to every objective, puzzle solutions, and combat strategies.

Hogwarts Legacy: Venomous Valour Walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy: Venemous Valour Walkthrough 2

Venemous Valour is started by talking to Duncan Hobhouse on the bottom floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. He wants you to find a Hidden Herbology Corridor, so follow the objective marker there. It'll lead you to an area outside where you can clearly spot a doorway blocked by vines. To clear them, cast Incendio. Once inside, cast Lumos to cross the Devil's Snare. Continue to cast Lumos as you work your way down the corridor, eventually finding a Giant Venomous Tentacula. Approach it and pick a leaf off, then leave via the ladder to your right. Go back to Duncan Hobhouse with the leaf in hand and you'll complete this Side Quest.

Hogwarts Legacy: Venemous Valour Objectives

  • Find and enter the Hidden Herbology Corridor
  • Obtain proof for Duncan
  • Collect a Giant Venomous Tentacula leaf
  • Return to Duncan

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