Do you need a The Final Repository walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy? The Final Repository is the 40th Main Quest in the game, unlocked after completing Wand Mastery. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we are going to share our full The Final Repository walkthrough, which includes a step-by-step guide to every objective, puzzle solutions, and combat strategies.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository Walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository Walkthrough 1

Head back to the Map Chamber underneath Hogwarts to have an important discussion with Professor Fig and the Keepers. They will reveal the path ahead underneath the floor, so go down there and head to the Repository. Goblins will have forced themselves underground using a drill, so eliminate every one you encounter. Professor Fig will then move the active drill so you can press on.

Next you'll face two trolls at once, which will pose a mighty challenge if you're not careful. They'll be joined by a pack of golbins, so focus on them first. When you have to find a path forward, simply walk up to the rock where the mini-map highlights a road. Professor Fig will do the rest. A short way down the path, you'll encounter more goblins to defeat. The teachers will soon join you in a great battle, which you'll need to make your way through by downing more goblins.

Professor Sharp will join you for one encounter, and then you'll discover the Repository in a cutscene. However, then appears Ranrok. The goblin leader will suddenly turn into a sort of black dragon, which you'll need to defeat in combat. You first need to target the coloured orbs that surround him, syncing your Spells up with the colour displayed. This will make him vulnerable, allowing you to deal damage. Once his first section of health is gone, he'll move elsewhere.

In the next section, you'll follow the same pattern of destroying orbs and targeting Ranrok. The only difference in this part is he'll have a blast that quickly charges, dealing damage across roughly half of the arena. Stand well back when you notice this happening. You'll also need to destroy an extra orb in the air at the sort of each phase, and then the final section of the encounter adds a third orb.

When you wipe its health bar completely, destroy the red, purple, and yellow orbs that spawn above him with the relevant Spells and you'll complete the boss fight. This concludes the Main Quest.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository Objectives

  • Return to the Map Chamber
  • Talk to Professor Fig
  • Enter the Keepers' Caverns
  • Make your way to the Repository
  • Spot the goblin loyalists
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
  • Defeat the Loyalists and their Trolls
  • Find a path through
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
  • Defeat Ranrok's Loyalists
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
  • Defeat Ranrok

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