Do you need a Lodgok's Loyalty walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy? Lodgok's Loyalty is the 37th Main Quest in the game, unlocked after completing In the Shadow of the Mountain. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we are going to share our full Lodgok's Loyalty walkthrough, which includes a step-by-step guide to every objective, puzzle solutions, and combat strategies.

Hogwarts Legacy: Lodgok's Loyalty Walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy: Lodgok's Loyalty Walkthrough 1

It's time to join Lodgok as he attempts to get inside the Coastal Mine alone. Head to the mine in the southeast in the Marunweem Lake region, taking care with the goblins standing guard outside. Once you're in, take a look around for Lodgok, following the objective marker. Use the cart just to the right of the goblins standing guard. When you encounter another set of goblins, use Disillusionment to slip by and then pull the cart towards you on the left with Accio.

After riding a lift upwards, you'll encounter Ranrok. After the cutscene, kill all the enemies. Once they're dead, target the pillars holding the roof up. You need to destroy all five of them; Bombarda gets it done quickly. After the cutscene, follow the objective marker to leave the mine.

Hogwarts Legacy: Lodgok's Loyalty Objectives

  • Find the entrance to the mine
  • Enter the mine
  • Search for Lodgok
  • Defeat all enemies
  • Exit the mine

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