What's the Best House in Hogwarts Legacy? What House should you choose? What are the differences between all the Houses? Early on in the game, specifically the Welcome to Hogwarts chapter, you will need to choose what House you want to be placed in. This is an important decision that will impact the type of experience you have at Hogwarts. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we're going to reveal what the Best House is and all differences between Houses.

Hogwarts Legacy Best House: What House Should You Choose?

Hogwarts Legacy Best House: What House Should You Pick? Guide 1

In this guide, we are going to explain the procedure for selecting what House you want to be placed in for the duration of your playthrough. We'll cover whether the questions the Sorting Hat asks matter at all, the differences between each House, and what changes based on your decision. We'll then come to a conclusion of what the Best House to pick is.

Do the Questions the Sorting Hat Asks You Matter?

Before you're able to pick which House you want to be placed in, the Sorting Hat will ask you a few questions based on what you want to achieve at Hogwarts and your personality. At the end, the Sorting Hat will recommend you a House to join based on your answers. However, it is only that: a recommendation. You can accept the Sorting Hat's suggestion or pick another House to join. Therefore, the questions the Sorting Hat asks don't matter when picking a House.

What House Should You Choose?

Hogwarts Legacy Best House: What House Should You Pick? Guide 2

If you've read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies, you probably already have a favourite House. Feel free to select it because the majority of the game stays the same no matter which one you pick. The main story mostly plays out the same, and other content like Side Quests and Assignments are no different. There are some differences and a few scenarios will play out a little differently based on the House you pick — which we'll share below — but this is more of a cosmetic choice than one that will affect gameplay.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, then select Gryffindor. If you have always fancied yourself a Slytherin, you can now roleplay as one — preferably more like Draco Malfoy than Crabbe or Goyle, though. And since Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw aren't explored as much in the books and films, you could experience student life from those two perspectives instead.

While each House will offer a slightly different experience of Hogwarts, those variations aren't enough to where there is a definitive Best House in the game. If you've always had a favourite, feel free to pick it without worrying about what you are going to miss out on too much.

What Are the Differences Between Each House?

The Main Quest and Side Quests in Hogwarts Legacy largely remain the same no matter what House you choose, but there are some changes to take into account. Listed below are just some of the elements and features that change depending on what House you pick:

  • Different Common Rooms
  • Different Common Room locations in Hogwarts
  • A different Common Room entrance area
  • Different students can be interacted with in Common Rooms
  • Different student robes
  • Minor changes to dialogue

Can You Change Houses?

Once you've selected a House after the Sorting Hat Ceremony in the Welcome to Hogwarts chapter, you cannot change Houses. You must see your playthrough to the end as whichever House you chose. However, on the main menu, there is an additional save slot where you can start a new game. If you wish to, you can play the start of Hogwarts Legacy again and pick a different House. In terms of a single playthrough, though, you're not able to change Houses once you choose one.

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