Do you need an Astronomy Class walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy? Astronomy Class is the 26th Main Quest in the game, unlocked after completing The High Keep. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we are going to share our full Astronomy Class walkthrough, which includes a step-by-step guide to every objective, puzzle solutions, and combat strategies.

Hogwarts Legacy: Astronomy Class Walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy: Astronomy Class 1

Head to the top of the Astronomy Tower for your first Astronomy Class. Watch the cutscene, following the button prompts and then selecting a few dialogue choices during the conversation with Amit. Then you'll need to find his telescope. Next, you'll need to find an Astronomy Table elsewhere in Hogwarts. Follow Amit, and then walk along the castle wall to the right.

Use Depulso and then Incendio to clear the boxes and cobwebs blocking your path, then interact with the Astronomy Table. Line the diagram up with the stars, zooming in when needs be, and the Main Quest will finish after the following cutscene.

Hogwarts Legacy: Astronomy Class 2

Hogwarts Legacy: Astronomy Class Objectives

  • Find Amit's Telescope in the Storage Area
  • Find Amit on the lower deck
  • Follow Amit
  • Find the Astronomy Table
  • Use the Astronomy Table

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