Looking for Absconder Encounter walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy? Absconder Encounter is a Side Quest that starts in Hogsmeade. As part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we are going to share our full Absconder Encounter walkthrough, which includes a step-by-step guide to every objective, puzzle solutions, and combat strategies.

Hogwarts Legacy: Absconder Encounter Walkthrough

Speak to the trader at the Aranshire Hamlet, just east of Hogwarts on the other side of the lake. You'll meet Edgar Adley, who'll tell you about an Acromantula named the Absconder. He'll tell you about his friend's pocket watch. Travel to the quest marker just south-east of Pitt-Upon-Ford.

You'll happen upon a cave filled with cobwebs, so make sure you bring some potent fire spells like Confringo with you. Follow the quest markers past all the spiders and into the Absconder's Cave. Once inside, you'll have to deal with the Absconder, which is basically a larger version of the spiders you'll have fought before. Hit it with fire spells like Confringo, and generally stay out of its way, peppering it from a distance.

Once you've dealt with him, search the western part of the cave, where there are three exploding pods, for the heirloom. Return to Aranshire Hamlet and give the heirloom to Edgar Adley to complete the side quest.

Hogwarts Legacy: Absconder Encounter Objectives

  • Find the Absconder's Cave
  • Defeat the Absconder
  • Find the heirloom Milo left behind
  • Return the heirloom to Edgar

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