Looking for a The Reckoning walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? The Reckoning is the sixth quest in The Path, which represents Ragnarok's main storyline. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full The Reckoning walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: The Reckoning Walkthrough

Now that you've finished The Lost Sanctuary, you'll find yourself back in control of Kratos, at his Midgard home. Follow Brok to the Mystic Gateway and head inside. You'll exit in Vanaheim, at The Southern Wilds. As you follow Freya and Brok forwards, look to the path on the left for one of Odin's Ravens. At the end of the path, squeeze through the gap in the wall. Keep following the path and through the gate at the end of the road. There's poisonous plants in this area, so you'll want to throw your Leviathan Axe at those from a safe distance in order to avoid unnecessary status effects. After the first poisonous planet, there's a yellow chest just to the right, so open that for Hacksilver. You can also find a Shattered Rune on a corpse in the market area. Shortly afterwards, you'll be ambushed by Legion, so take care of them and beware their poisoning properties. You can call on Brok to help. Climb up to higher ground to catch up with Freya, now in bird form, and also open a red chest directly opposite for resources. There's a breakable piece of stone on the ground, so smash through that for an Artefact named The Sunrise of Nothing.

Continue forwards, and you'll be immediately ambushed by some beasts. Once defeated crawl under the tree roots ahead. There's a plant that spits poison ahead, so wait for it to open up its armoured petals and toss your axe into its stem to kill it. Continue to follow the path, and you'll stumble on a Nornir Chest out in the open. There's another Idunn Apple inside if you do decide to open it up. Continue onwards and on the left are some brambles you can burn with the Blades of Chaos. There's a red chest behind with Rawhide, Honed Metal, and Hacksilver inside. Jump across the river and you'll come up against a couple of Wulvers. There is a magical plate to the left in this area, but you can't interact with it just yet, so continue forwards. Lift the giant rock at the end of the path.

Throw your axe at the gate to open it up, then boost Brok up the ledge. He'll be pulled inside a tree, so follow him through and watch the cutscene. Once it concludes, you'll learn you're in Freyr's Camp. There's Lore in the form of a Scroll named Freyr's Lament to the left of the camp. You can also visit one of the Huldra Brothers' workshops to upgrade your gear. Once you're done looking around, speak with Freyr to progress. Watch the cutscene.

Continue through the gate to rendezvous with Freya. Cross the bridge and speak with her. At the end of the path, directly opposite, is one of Odin's Ravens. There's also a red chest opposite, with Honed Metal and Hacksilver inside. Continue onwards to the path on the right, and hookshot across the gap. Watch out for the poisonous plant up on the ledge. Squeeze through the gap in the roots, and continue onwards.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Forest Ancient

You'll face you first Forest Ancient in this area. These are fairly straightforward foes to defeat. Dodge the bombs it drops on the floor, and you can even pick these up and toss them back. When it opens up its chest, lob your Leviathan Axe at the red, exposed area. Eventually, the foe will stumble, so hit R3 to climb on top of him and punch the exposed area. Then, when he gets up, be careful of the Draugrs. Follow the same formula, dodge rolling out of the way of his red beam attack, and finish him off. You'll get a Chaos Flame for your troubles.

Squeeze through the wooden pier and burn the brambles on the other side with your Blades of Chaos. Drop down and defeat the enemies that await you on the beach. Then drop into the overgrown area at the rear. You'll exit at the Eastern Barri Woods. Knock down one of the pots hanging overhead for some Dwarven Steel, then continue to follow the path forwards.

You'll first have to deal with some Einherjars, but will later be attacked by a Flame Gradungr. Take away it's flame shield first, before letting rip and finishing it off. Then climb up the wall and head down the cliff face. Then continue forward deeper into the forest. There are poisonous plants in here, so just be careful as you move forward. Eventually, you'll find some Cursed Nokken and a Draugr Butcher. Dispatch them all to continue forwards. Head up the bridge into Freya's village.

To the left is a crane you can turn by throwing your Leviathan Axe at the plates on it. This allows you to hookshot to the other side. You'll arrive at The Abandoned Village. Inside the building ahead is some Lore in the form of a Rune Reads named Prayer to Freya. On the left is a yellow chest with Hacksilver inside. Then slip through the gap in the wall which Freya notifies you to. There are Einherjar and Einherjar Brutes inside, so get ready to deal with those. Once you're done, pull the chain at the back of the room to open the gate. To the right there are some brambles you can burn, enabling access to an upper area with a red chest. On the left, there's a poisonous fog, so throw your axe at the plant to freeze that and create a safe passage forwards. There's a yellow chest with Hacksilver in it towards the end of the path.

In the next area, destroy the brambles in the area above to drop a chain down, so you can climb up. There's a Legendary Chest off to the right, so freeze the poisonous plant to open it. There's a Shatter Star Shield inside. Climb back up onto the wooden platform, and pull the chain to tighten the rope. Abseil down. Navigate across the river and up the wall. At the top, head off to the left for a yellow chest with Hacksilver inside.

At the end of the path is another crane, but first you need to burn the bramble that's grown over it. Once you've done this, turn the crane until the hookshot point is in front of you, allowing you to swing across to island just to the left. Turn the crane more until the bucket is in front of you, and then swing it into the bramble. Hookshot back to where you started, and then hookshot across to the other side. There is a Nornir Chest you can solve in this area if you want to stick around. Continue forwards, slipping through the gap in the wall at the end of the path.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Fiske

It's time for one of Odin's captains, a foe named Fiske. He's wielding a scythe, making his attacks extremely aggressive, but also quite slow. Some of his strikes can be deflected, so use that in your favour to stun him and go on the offensive. You can also shield bash him by tapping L1 twice in certain circumstances to disrupt his flow. Just be careful because not all of his attacks can be defended, and you will have to dodge roll away from some of them. Keep attack until you finish him off with his own scythe, and collect the Glaive of Dodher he drops.

Pull down the gate Fiske was defending, and continue through. If you sneak through the building on the left, there's a red chest with Stonewood and Hacksilver inside. Quickly destroy the poisonous plant along the path. You'll come to another crane puzzle, but drop down into the lower area for a red chest. You can continue onwards, up the wall opposite if you prefer, up the wall. Continue through the doorway, and then follow Freya's lead through the garden-like area. Watch the cutscene and prepare for a big battle.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Nidhogg

It's time for a massive boss fight against Nidhogg. Attack its head with as much force as possible, and when it either swipes or tries to bite you, deflect its attacks with your shield. This will stun the foe, temporarily, giving you a window to do additional damage. Be careful when it strikes the ground and sends a projectile through the turf, as this can't be defended and you'll need to roll out of the way. When the R3 prompt appears, grab it and pull it out of its gateway.

Now it has full mobility, and while its move set doesn't change dramatically, you'll need to use your shield bash to interrupt the swings of his tail. After you've done just enough damage, Freya will join the fight. Now it'll begin to shoot laser beams from its tail and send rift glaciers out of the ground, which you need to dodge roll to evade. Throw your axe at Freya's sigils to knock it from the wall, and then unleash more damage on it. Once it climbs onto another pillar, be sure to deflect its projectiles and this time burn Freya's sigils with the Blades of Chaos. Eventually, as it nears defeat, another R3 prompt will appear, and you'll be taken to higher ground.

In this last phase, it'll begin sucking stones and earth into the rift beneath its stomach. Dodge roll out of the way of the projectiles it fires, and then destroy the sigil as it repeats this move by throwing your Leviathan Axe at it. Interact with the final R3 prompt to complete the battle. At this point you'll unlock a Trophy named Root of the Problem. Then watch the cutscene.

As the cutscene concludes, you'll be required to pick up some loot on the floor: the Amulet of Yggdrasil. This allows you to attach Enchantments and you'll unlock Midgard's Endurance to get you started. Follow Freya, and she'll offer to help with vines blocking the path back, so instruct her to fire a sigil that you can burn with your Blades of Chaos. On path back to the camp, you can use this same technique to find a red chest. There are Einherjar in this area, so deal with them promptly, then slip through the hole in the wall. You'll emerge in the Western Barri Woods, so take out the poison plant on the left of the path. On the right, you can get Freya to fire another sigil to burn for a red chest.

There are two poison plants ahead, so you need to permanently freeze them both. The way to do this is to instruct Freya to fire a sigil at them, then throw your Leviathan Axe to freeze them, removing the poison fog. Head off to the left for a red chest behind some vines which you can burn with Freya's help. There are Wisps ahead. You need to instruct Freya to hit this with a sigil, and then lob your axe at them to destroy them once and for all. Continue forward and watch the cutscene, as the time of day changes. After the cutscene ends, you'll find new Lore in the form of a Lore Marker named Harmony on the path directly ahead. Once you've collected it, follow Freya up the tree roots.

There's a red chest along the path, and you can burn the flower nearby to open it up. Then lift up the rock at the end of the path. On the other side are Einherjar, but you'll need to use Freya's sigils to break the shields of these ones. As an alternative, you can also use your shield bash attack to break through these. Once you've beaten everyone, crawl through the gap at the bottom of the path. Once on the other side, combine multiple sigils so that you can detonate them with the Blades of Chaos. This will allow you to burn away the vines and hookshot across to the other side.

Ahead are more Einherjar, so get ready for another battle. Midway into the fight, Wisps will enter the arena, so you'll need to be nimble to deal with those while simultaneously fighting the Einherjar. Shimmy across the wall and then climb to the next area. There's a red chest off to the left. You need to follow the plant a little further along the roots, and chain together some sigils so you can burn the main bulb. Then you can go back and open the red chest for Hacksilver and Honed Metal. Follow the path and head through the cave. Cross the bridge, and you'll return to Freyr's Camp. Go through the gate and watch the cutscene.

Pick up Mimir from Brok's table once you retake control. There's a blue chest to the right you can open for Beast Scraps. You can choose to hang around in Vanaheim for a bit longer if you like, or head straight to the Mystic Gateway to continue the main storyline. Before you do anything, visit the Huldra Brothers' workshop to upgrade your equipment. You can then chat with Brok and Lunda to start a new Favour named The Mysterious Orb.

Once you're finished in Vanaheim, climb the wall at the rear of the camp, and follow Freya to the Mystic Gateway. This will complete The Reckoning and unlock Freya as an ally. Head under the big stone and continue to follow Freya forwards, down the path. Follow Freya's instructions, using your chisel to open up a new pathway. This will unlock a new Favour named The Elven Sanctum. Then continue to follow the path, into the area that's opened thanks to Freya's enchantment.

You're going to sail to the Mystic Gateway, but first you need to clear the vines blocking the way. Create two large sigil orbs and attack them with your Blades of Chaos. Push up to instruct Freya to switch to Sonic Arrows, and then instruct her to destroy the Soundstone further blocking the way. Now get into the boat and sail onwards. Eventually you'll come to a beach with the Mystic Gateway next to it. There's an Artefact here, a Family Crest, named Skirnir's Crest. You'll also find a red chest with Dwarven Steel and Hacksilver inside. You can choose to use the Mystic Gateway straight away, or destroy the log blocking the river to help Freya further. If you continue to sail down the river, you can collect Yggdrasil's Dew of Runic Power growing to the right of the river stream. You'll also unlock a Favour named Freya's Missing Peace, and you can complete that now if you wish. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we'll return to Sindri's House through the Mystic Gateway.

Head inside Sindri's House. You can stop and listen to Freya and Tyr's conversation if you so choose. Then you can spend some time upgrading your gear at the Huldra Brothers' workshop. Once you're ready, seek out the source of the argument at the back of the house. Watch the cutscene unfold, and by the time it concludes you'll be in control of Atreus again and back in Midgard. Deal with the Hel-Raiders immediately after retaking control. Follow the path down into the forest, and deal with even more foes ahead. Kick the wooden log off the ledge, beginning The Runaway.

God of War Ragnarok: The Reckoning Objectives

  • Meet Brok at the Mystic Gateway
  • Locate the source of Freya's curse, and destroy it
  • Speak with Freyr
  • Cross the valley to reach the watchtower
  • Find a way to cross the broken bridge
  • Press onward in search of the binding curse
  • Return to Freyr's Camp
  • Retrieve Mimir

God of War Ragnarok: The Reckoning Rewards

2,500 XP

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