Looking for a The Crucible walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? The Crucible is a Favour, which are Ragnarok's equivalent of side-quests. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full The Crucible walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: The Crucible Walkthrough

God of War Ragnarok: The Crucible Walkthrough 1
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The Crucible will begin when you find one of two Muspelheim Seed Halfs. Both of the Muspelheim Seeds can be found in Svartalfheim, and you'll likely find the first while exploring Modvitnir's Rig as part of In Service of Asgard. You'll discover both Muspelheim Seeds inside Legendary Chests.

Where to Find Muspelheim Seeds

The first Muspelheim Seed is found at Modvitnir's Rig, inside a Legendary Chest. Once you've docked on the rig's beach, go up and to the right. Jump over to a large wooden structure, and climb it to the top. After fending off some enemies, the Legendary Chest with the Muspelheim Seed inside is straight ahead on the edge of the platform, overlooking the sea.

The second Muspelheim Seed is found at Alberich Hollow, shortly after the Dwarven Statue towering over Dragon Beach where you progress Spirit of Rebellion. The Legendary Chest is covered in debris so you need to destroy it with one of the nearby bombs.

Once you've got both Muspelheim Seeds, travel to a nearby Mystic Gateway and transport yourself to Muspelheim, where you'll discover The Crucible. You can collect an Enchantment named Muslpelheim's Protection from the chest next to the Huldra Brothers' workshop, then collect one of the flowers nearby to begin Nine Realms in Bloom.

Head forwards, deeper into Muspelheim, and you'll find three different arenas marked by a sword hilt. These each have three runes upon them: F, N, and R. There are six different challenges you'll need to pass to complete this Favour, two for each sword hilt. They are as follows:

The Crucible Challenge Rune Area Description Rewards
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Weapon Mastery F Defeat all enemies within the time limit.
Flawless F Avoid taking damage.
Ring Out Challenge N Opponents rapidly regenerate from damage.
Feed the Rift N Throw orbs into the realm tear to close it before time runs out.
Population Control R Kill the elite while keeping the population under the limit.
King of the Hill R Keep enemies out of the rings until the time expires.

Upon completing all six of the trials, you'll be able to open the Nornir Chest in the area opposite the Huldra Brothers' workshop. There'll be a Chaos Flame inside, and upon collecting it you'll immediately begin The Final Challenges Favour.

God of War Ragnarok: The Crucible Objectives

  • Find the second Muspelheim seed piece
  • Travel to the Muspelheim Crucible
  • Complete The Crucible Challenges

God of War Ragnarok: The Crucible Rewards

  • Kratos: 10,000 XP
  • Atreus: 2,500 XP

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