God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Cursed Grims 1

Cursed Grims are the fatter, more annoying version of Grims. Unlike their wily brothers, they prefer to stay at a distance and spit poison at Kratos, often leaving a damaging acid puddle on the ground.

Cursed Grims don't stand much of a chance once you're up close and personal. but getting to them can be surprisingly tricky. They have a habit of quickly slipping under your attacks and repositioning, so a couple of arrows should be used to lock them down.

They also like to climb walls and hang there while shooting poison, and you'll need to hit them with a ranged attack to get them down. Once they fall off a surface, however, they're completely open for at least several seconds — the perfect time to strike.

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As for the poisonous projectiles, they can be blocked or parried, but they're a hassle when you're already busy fighting other enemies. With that in mind, Cursed Grims should be a priority so they don't cover the whole battlefield in gunk.

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