God of War How to Get Ancient Armor Set Guide PS4 PlayStation 4 1

How do you get the Ancient armor set in God of War? God of War’s Ancient armor set can be overlooked, similarly to the Traveler armor set. However, if you want to unlock the game’s Platinum, you’ll need to grab the Primordial Trophy, which requires you to obtain the full Ancient armour set. So how do you get the Ancient armor set in God of War? Take a look below as part of our God of War guide, and also be sure to find out how to obtain God of War’s Traveler armor set through the link.

God of War: How to Get the Ancient Armor Set

To unlock the full Ancient armor set in God of War (and the Primordial Trophy as part of the process) you need all three pieces of armour: Chest, Wrist, and Waist. To craft it you’ll need 3 Ancient’s Hearts and 16 Ancient Rubble items. You’ll collect these by killing the big stone enemies known as Ancients around God of War’s open world.

When you kill your first Ancient, you’ll unlock a Labor named Hearts of Stone. From there, you just need to give an Ancient’s Heart to Brok or Sindri at a shop to unlock the Ancient armor set pieces. Trade in the abovementioned loot to craft the full Ancient armour set. Don’t worry if you forget to pick up an Ancient’s loot, as any items you missed will be added to the Lost Items section of the shop menu.