God of War Treasure Map Locations and Solutions Guide PS4 PlayStation 4 1

What are all Treasure Map locations and solutions in God of War? God of War has a series of secret loot spots scattered across its map that you’ll need to find. First you’ll need to track down a treasure map, which will add a clue and a small sketch to your codex. Then you’ll need to find where the treasure is buried. There are a total of 12 dig spots to find, which will reward you with the Treasure Hunter Trophy. As part of our God of War guide, we're going to reveal all Treasure Map locations and solutions.

God of War: All Treasure Map Locations and Solutions

On this page, we're going to share all Treasure Map locations and solutions in God of War.

How to Find Treasure Maps in God of War

Treasure Maps can only be read by Atreus. You’ll find them scattered around the world; they’re represented by pieces of parchment. Push the Square button and Atreus will read the map, adding it to your codex. When you find the solution, it’ll be reflected in the world by a small mound on the ground that Kratos can dig up.

All Treasure Map Locations and Solutions

All 12 Treasure Map locations and dig spot solutions in God of War are included below:

Name Treasure Map Location Treasure Map Solution
Dead and Bloated Volunder Mines: Next to a red chest in the room leading to the Soul Eater boss. You should stumble upon this while completing the Favor named 'Second Hand Soul'. Cliffs of the Raven: Follow this area around and you'll happen upon a dead giant at the back of the environment. The dig spot is near his waist.
The Turtle's Tribute The River Pass: Technically in The Witch's Cave, it's in the area with the hidden chamber entrance. You'll need to detonate red tree sap with Atreus' shock arrows to access this area. The River Pass: Behind the elevator in The Witch's Cave is some red tree sap which you can detonate to return to the garden from the start of the game. The dig site is among some stones near to the house.
Njord's Oarsmen Nothri Stronghold: Next to a dead body inside the old boat. You should happen upon this during one of Sindri's quests, named 'Family Business'. Council of Valkyries: Before the bridge in the Council of Valkyries area, which is north east of the Lake of Nine.
Kneel Before Thor Landsuther Mines: Part of the Dwarven Favor 'Deus Ex Malachite', it's in the basement of the mine next to a red chest which you access via an elevator. Lookout Tower: Go to the Lookout Tower, in the southern-most area of the Lake of Nine. You're going to want to climb the cliff-face until you reach the zipline which takes you to the Jötnar Shrine. The dig spot is to the right of the shrine.
Creation Island Iron Cove: Situated in front of a stack of barrels on the southern beach of the Iron Cove, which is in the south western area of the Lake of Nine. Buri's Storeroom: At the back of the island to the left of the giant water wheel when you face the large gates to Veithurgard. It's in the middle of the beach; you can't really miss it.
Don't Blink Fafnir's Storeroom: This is an easy one. Follow the Dwarven Favor named Fafnir's Hoard. In the central chamber, you'll happen upon a dead body slumped against the pedestal you need to interact with. The Treasure Map is on his body. Foothills: In the Foothills region, before you enter The Mountain, there's a face carved into the cliff-face. The dig spot is directly beneath its nose, on the ground. It's quite hard to spot, but search around the area beneath the face and you should find it.
The Boat Captain's Key Stone Falls: Climb to the top of Stone Falls, where you meet the Spirit. Next to the Spirit is a bridge; throw your axe at the bridge to lower it, and then hop across to find the scroll. Isle of Death: An island to the west of the Lake of Nine, climb up the small mountainous area where there's an old boat. The dig spot is inside the smashed up ship.
Island of Light The Mason's Channel: Another easy one to find that's almost impossible to miss. Dock your boat on the southern most beach of The Mason's Channel, and the treasure map is in plain sight. Light Elf Outpost: It's best to snag this one once you've cleared out the Light Elf Outpost and opened up all the shortcuts. The dig spot is on the second level, behind the the first blue light bridge and to the left of the climbing chain.
The Historian Ruins of the Ancients: To the north-west of the Lake of Nine, the treasure map is very obviously located on the beach not far from the boat dock in the Ruins of the Ancients. Fafnir's Storeroom: Before you enter the main vault of Fafnir's Storeroom, there's a woodland-esque area. The dig spot is to the left of the gate, next to a large furnace.
Finder's Fee Forgotten Caverns: Go to the Mystic Gateway in the Forgotten Caverns and look in the cave nearby for the Treasure Map. Nothri Stronghold: There's a huge water wheel at the start of the Nothri Stronghold that you must activate as part of the 'Family Business' Favor. Climb the wooden tower near to the water wheel and you'll find the dig spot next to a corpse.
The Last Place They'd Look The Mountain: Use the Mystic Gateway named 'The Summit' and climb down the mountain pass to the area with Sindri's shop. There's a secret mountain passage in this area which takes you to a hidden area with the treasure map inside. Council of Valkyries: This is quite an easy one. It's in the Council of Valkyries; the throne room where the Mystic Gateway is located. Look for a waterfall between two of the thrones; the dig spot is just in front of the waterfall.
Hunter's Kingdom Lookout Tower: Climb up the cliff-face like you did for 'Kneel Before Thor', but this time drop down where the chain is on the opposite side of the zipline. You'll be in an area where a Nornir Chest is, and the Treasure Map is in plain sight on the beach. Veithurgard: Beyond the dragon in Veithurgard there's a door sealed by four runes. To its left is a Lore Marker. The dig spot is just in front.