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What are all Odin's Ravens locations in God of War? God of War has dozens of collectibles, but Odin’s Ravens appear right throughout the campaign. These mythical emerald coloured birds are scattered all over the map, and you’ll need to smash them with your axe in order to clear them out. Collect all 51 and you’ll unlock the Allfather Blinded Trophy. As part of our God of War guide, we're going to explain how to find all Odin's Ravens locations.

God of War: All Odin's Ravens Locations

On this page, we're going to share all Odin's Ravens locations in God of War.

How Many Odin's Ravens Are There?

There are 51 Odin’s Ravens to find in God of War. Destroy them all and you’ll unlock the Allfather Blinded Trophy for your troubles.

How to Find Odin's Ravens

When you’re near one of Odin’s Ravens, you’ll hear a shrill kind of screeching sound along with some magical jingling. Try to rotate your camera to the source of the sound. Often these birds will be perched somewhere on the scenery, but others will also fly around in a circular pattern in the sky.

How to Destroy Odin's Ravens

You’re going to have to throw your axe at these irritating green birds in order to destroy Odin’s Ravens. While this is a fairly straightforward task when they’re stationary on the geometry, it’s a bit more difficult when they’re flying in circles. Pay attention to their flight route, and be sure to aim just ahead of the bird to ensure your axe has time to travel.

All Odin's Raven Locations

All Odin's Ravens are detailed in the video below, presented by PS5Trophies: