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What are all Jötnar Shrines locations in God of War? God of War’s Jötnar Shrines represent some of the best lore in the game, as they add a ton of Norse mythology to the title’s codex. They’re represented in-game as cabinets that can be opened, and Atreus will then translate a lot of the information contained inside. There are a total of 11 to find in the game, all contributing to the More Than Myth Labor, and locating them all will unlock the The Truth Trophy. As part of our God of War guide, we're going to explain all Jötnar Shrines locations.

God of War: All Jötnar Shrines Locations

On this page, we're going to introduce all Jötnar Shrines locations in God of War.

What Do Jötnar Shrines Look Like?

Jötnar Shrines are cabinets that you find in God of War which include pictures based on Norse mythology. You need to open the shrine and wait for Atreus to translate the story before it’ll be added to your codex. Note that the game doesn't track these on your completion checklist, but you should be able to see which ones you're missing by cross-referencing your codex.

All Jötnar Shrines Locations

All 11 God of War Jötnar Shrines locations for the More Than Myth Labor are included below:

Name Region Jötnar Shrine Location
Sköll and Hati Wildwoods After the area where you need to use your axe to keep the door open, take a hard left and climb up a chain to reach the upper-level of the chain door area. Take the stair case and smash through a wood panel to find the Sköll and Hati Jötnar Shrine.
Hrungnir The River Pass In the area where you have to knock down the bridge by throwing your axe (there's also a chest with an Idunn Apple), retrace your steps back to the area where there were Revenants and the Hrungnir Jötnar Shrine is to the left, against a wall.
Skadi Veithurgard On the same island where you free the dragon Otr (south of the Thor statue), cross the bridge and solve the runic puzzle to open the doors to the temple (clockwise from top-right: N, F, R, T). You'll find the Skadi Jötnar Shrine on the other side
Ymir The Mountain Pass In the area where you have to use red tree sap to bring down bridges using Atreus' shock arrows, look for a door blocked by red vines. Throw the tree sap at the vines, then detonate it. Ymir's Jötnar Shrine is on the other side.
Starkadr Konunsgard After you open the big doors using the three keys as part of the Dwarven Favor, walk up the first flight of stairs and take the path to your right. You'll find the Starkadr Jötnar Shrine down the hall.
Jörmungandr Shores of Nine With the Lake of Nine bridge in its default position, head through the door at the bottom as though you're heading for The Mountain. You'll enter a room where there's poison on the right and the Jörmungandr Jötnar Shrine on the left, behind some wooden planks.
Gróa Alfheim In the Lake of Light region, once you've restored light to Alfheim, pause before crossing the bridge of light and head left. Down the stairs you'll find the Gróa Jötnar Shrine and a shop.
Surtr Muspelheim Almost unmissable this one. Head to Muspelheim once you've collected all four cyphers, and to the left of the shop and Mystic Gate is a Jötnar Shrine about Surtr.
Thamur Thamur's Corpse Once you've unlocked the Magic Chisel, you can open the Hidden Chamber near to the boat dock at the very beginning of the Thamur's Corpse area. The Thamur Jötnar Shrine is just beyond the door, to the left.
Bergelmir Shores of Nine This is virtually impossible to miss, as you'll find yourself face-to-face with the Bergelmir Jötnar Shrine as part of the story. It's when you're exploring Tyr's Temple, you'll be in a room with two giant gold statues, and you'll need to take an elevator down to a basement level. You'll find yourself in a circular room with doors on the left and the right; the Jötnar Shrine is in the middle.
Thrym Lookout Tower Another difficult one to miss. Follow the story along until you show Mimir's head to Jörmungandr. When you regain control, you'll need to do some climbing in the Shores of Nine area, near to the Lookout Tower. Traverse the cliff-faces and take the zipline down into a section with Revenants. Thrym's Jötnar Shrine is all but unmissable in this area.