God of War All Artefact Locations Guide PS4 PlayStation 4 1

What are all Artefact locations in God of War? Throughout God of War you’ll stumble upon various collectibles named Artefacts, which are rendered in the world similar to Uncharted’s hidden items. These are separated into 7 sets and added to your codex each time you find one. We’ve included all of the Artefact locations below, and collecting them all will unlock the Curator Trophy. As part of our God of War guide, we're going to reveal all Artefact locations.

God of War: All Artefact Locations

On this page, we're going to reveal all Artefact locations in God of War.

How to Find Artefacts

It depends what type of Artefact you’re looking for as to how it's presented in the world, because they range from horns to model boats. However, you’ll generally find these perched next to the body of a corpse, and they’ll be highlighted in the game by a yellow beam of light.

Total Number of Artefacts to Find

There are 45 Artefacts divided across 7 sets. We’ve included all Artefact locations on this page.

All Artefact Locations and Sets

All 7 of God of War's artefact sets are listed below:

  • Abandoned Ship: 9 Artefacts
  • Family Heirloom: 5 Artefacts
  • Bottoms Up: 6 Artefacts
  • Horns of Veithurgard: 6 Artefacts
  • Lost and Found: 4 Artefacts
  • The Faces of Magic: 9 Artefacts
  • Spoils of War: 6 Artefacts