Louder than Words is a Main Quest in Final Fantasy 16, following on from Fanning Embers. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Louder than Words.

Louder than Words: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Louder than Words 1
Louder than Words begins after fast travelling at the end of Fanning Embers. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

While traveling through the Greatwood, Clive and Cid happen upon a small party of Waloeder intelligencers captained by a woman from Cid's past — Benedikta Harman. Left with more questions than answers, the pair continue on to Lostwing.

Louder than Words: Walkthrough

Louder than Words takes you to Orabelle Downs, where you'll find your first Obelisk (fast travel point). You need to head for Lostwing, so follow the red marker on the screen.

Before you get to the marker, this large area has enemies you can defeat and items to find. While not compulsory, you can explore this location before moving on — you'll be rewarded with more resources and EXP.

Final Fantasy 16: Louder than Words 4
Image: Push Square

Once you're ready, continue towards the marker. At the top of the screen you'll get a notice — Quest Destination Nearby. This means what you're looking for is within your immediate vicinity. Simply head forwards to trigger a cutscene.

Final Fantasy 16: Louder than Words 5
Image: Push Square

You're now in Lostwing, and need to scout around in search of enemies. Head down into the village and you'll find another Obelisk. Once again, you're free to explore, or you can head straight for the marker to progress. In the southeast of Lostwing, you can find a chest (5 Bloody Hides). There's another chest in the north, near a water well (1 Black Blood).

A weeping child will tell you their parents are in the church. Head to the church and watch the cutscene. When it ends, you'll be pursuing a soldier through some passageways. Simply run through the tunnels until you hit another cutscene.

Final Fantasy 16: Louder than Words 8
Image: Push Square

Boss time! You're up against Chirada, summoned by Benedikta.

Chirada Spoils:

Upon defeat, you'll get another cutscene to close out the quest.

Objective Log

  • Make for Lostwing
  • Explore Lostwing
  • Pursue the fleeing soldier
  • Defeat Chirada

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