Blacksmith's Blues II is a Side Quest in Final Fantasy 16, located in The Hideaway. It first appears during the Main Quest named Out of the Shadow. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about Blacksmith's Blues II.

Blacksmith's Blues II: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: Blacksmith's Blues II Walkthrough 1
Blacksmith's Blues II is a Side Quest you can pick up in The Hideaway. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Side Quest

Clive receives a letter from August asking him to help cheer Blackthorne up again. What could be the matter with him this time?

Blacksmith's Blues II: Walkthrough

Blacksmith's Blues II is a Side Quest you can pick up from the Reading Table in Clive's Chambers. Read the letter About Blackthorne and accept the quest to begin.

Go and speak to Blackthorne in his regular spot. Afterwards, speak to Charon. You'll next need to fast travel to The Dalimil Inn.

Go inside the inn and up the stairs, then watch the cutscene. Your next stop is the northeast corner of The Velkroy Desert. Follow the marker to this location. As you get close, you'll find a batch of bandits to defeat.

Bandits Spoils:

  • 34x Steelsilk
  • 1x Black Blood
  • 280 EXP
  • 96 Ability Points
  • 436 gil

After the fight, watch the cutscene. Next, return to The Hideaway and speak to Blackthorne, which ends the quest.

Objective Log

  • Speak with Blackthorne
  • Speak with Charon
  • Find Ignac in Dalimil
  • Retrieve Ignac's stolen items from the bandits
  • Deliver the sundered whetstone to Blackthorne

Blacksmith's Blues II: Rewards

  • 1x Excalibur Design Draft
  • 1x Meteorite
  • 900 EXP
  • 30 Renown

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