A Chance Encounter is a Main Quest in Final Fantasy 16, following on from Flight of the Fledgling. As part of our Final Fantasy 16 guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about A Chance Encounter.

A Chance Encounter: Overview

Final Fantasy 16: A Chance Encounter 1
A Chance Encounter brings us back forward in time following the events of Flight of the Fledgling. — Image: Push Square
Type Description
Main Quest

The year is once again 873 and Clive has returned from his reverie to the chaos that smolders in the wake of Shiva and Titan's terrible encounter. Tiamat reminds Wyvern of their mission and that there is no escaping the inexorable fate of the Branded.

A Chance Encounter: Walkthrough

A Chance Encounter brings us back to the year 873 with Clive awakening after the destructive events of Shiva and Titan's battle. Once you have control, follow your companions along the rocky path. You can pick up a Stoneskin Tonic along the way. Further along is a Strength Tonic you can't miss, and further still is another Stoneskin Tonic. Continue following the path to find another Strength Tonic.

Final Fantasy 16: A Chance Encounter 4
Image: Push Square

Once you catch up to your allies, watch the cutscene. When it ends, you'll be in a battle with several enemies, including Shiva's Dominant.

Shiva's Dominant Spoils:

After defeating Shiva's Dominant, watch the next cutscene, which ends with another battle against enemy forces. Once dealt with, watch another short cutscene, which leads into a fight against Tiamat.

Tiamat Spoils:

This fight leads into a long cutscene. Once done, fast travel to The Hideaway to end the quest.

Objective Log

  • Pursue the retreating army
  • Slay Shiva's Dominant
  • Slay the Ironblood crusaders
  • Defeat Tiamat
  • Follow Cid to the hideaway

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