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How do you win every round in Fall Guys on PS4? What are some strategies for each Fall Guys minigame? To win those crowns in Fall Guys, you'll need to know how to succeed in every round type. There are lots of rounds to play, and some are easier than others. With this Fall Guys guide, we'll tell you about every round type in Fall Guys, as well as offer some tips and tricks that will give you an edge over the competition. Qualifying in more rounds earns you more Fame. For more information on all the seasonal rewards in Fall Guys, check out our guide: Fall Guys: Season 2 - All Rewards and End Date. If you're looking for more general information on the game, take a look at our FAQ: Fall Guys: FAQ - Everything You Need to Know.

Fall Guys: Every Round and How to Win Each One

There is no secret, guaranteed way to win every match of Fall Guys, but we can at least provide you with some pointers. Below is a list of every round in the game, along with some tips and tricks on how to make sure you qualify.

Dizzy Heights

Fall Guys Dizzy Heights PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Navigate the obstacles and race to the finish line!

Dizzy Heights is a fairly straightforward obstacle course that features lots of spinning platforms. The best advice we can give is to follow the direction a platform is rotating, because that will always be faster than to try and run the opposite way around. Then you have some balls rolling towards you. Use the paths between the blocks to avoid the balls, as they'll knock you over. When the path splits two ways in the middle of the course, both are fine but the right-hand side is ever so slightly faster given how the platforms are spinning.

If you fall off, don't count yourself out! You'll be on a lower part of the stage but can easily keep going and get back on the main path.

You'll reach a part where you climb a slope and will see three giant spinning platforms. Make sure you jump here, as there's a gap you need to clear. There will be large balls that will knock you down if they hit you, so stick to the sides as you climb the rotating platforms.

Door Dash

FallGuys DoorDash1

Round Category: Race

Description: Break through doors and race to the finish line — some are real, some are fake!

Door Dash is a very simple round in Fall Guys. All you need to do is reach the finish line by busting down the right doors. However, there's no telling which ones will break and which ones won't. The best way to play Door Dash is actually to hang back slightly and let others do most of the leg work.

However, you don't want to get too far behind, as you can easily get caught up in a stampede of players all trying to squeeze through one threshold. If you start out in the first row, you may as well go for it and try a door or two. Most of the doors in the first few sets will break. Just keep an eye on your competitors as they may forge a path you can follow.

Fruit Chute

Fall Guys Fruit Chute PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Dodge the flying fruit and race up the conveyor belt to reach the finish line!

Some have trouble with Fruit Chute, but it's not that difficult with a bit of practice. Jump and dive down onto the conveyor and stick to either the left or right side. This allows you to use the pink pyramids as a sort-of cover from the incoming fruit. It won't protect you completely, so you'll still need to watch out for fruit coming in at an odd angle. For us, sticking to the side and keeping the camera low so you can see the fruit coming has worked a treat. Also, there's almost no point in jumping when you're on the conveyor — just run.

Gate Crash

Fall Guys Gate Crash PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Avoid the moving doors and race to the finish line!

Gate Crash is all about barriers that move up and down. It's pretty easy going, and there's not much strategy to how you get through. It's largely down to timing and observation, watching which doors come down when. They all follow a consistent pattern, so it's pretty easy to judge.

The tricky part comes right at the end, with a big, slime-covered slope and a jump to the finish line blocked by more moving doors. Again, it comes down to good timing. Don't forget to turn around and run back up the hill a bit if you misjudge the doors. Lots of people slip up here, but it's not too hard to clear the gap with practice.

Hit Parade

Fall Guys Hit Parade PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Navigate the obstacles and race to the finish line!

Hit Parade is another obstacle course that's less complex than it looks. You start off presented with some balance beams. These are easy to fall from, but don't worry if you do — in fact, it can be quicker if you just jump down to the lower level here. Either way, make your way to the rotating paddles. You should follow the crowd here. There's no sense pushing the opposite side of a paddle, you'll get nowhere. It's important to remember that the barrier opens and closes at the left and right as well as the middle, so don't rush to the centre if it's easier to go via a side opening.

Once you're past this section, you're onto a set of swinging pendulums. These are pretty easy to avoid; you can watch the shadows on the ground to tell where the pendulums are in their arcs. Next is an uphill climb that's covered in pink slime. There are lots of obstacles to dodge, but the important thing to remember is to not jump, as this will slow you right down.

Knight Fever

Fall Guys Knight Fever PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Navigate the Medieval obstacles and race to the finish line!

This is a pretty long obstacle course, but it isn't as tricky as it first appears. It begins with a small section of spinning blades. They're easy enough to avoid, but watch out for holes in the floor. Next up are two sets of large beams with spinning cones. Given how clustered together these obstacles are, they can be hard to dodge, but there are moments where the path is clearer — try to wait for these easier paths.

After this is a slide down, with those spinning blades getting in the way. Stick to one of the sides and you should get through with no trouble. Next comes Thicc Bonkus — that's the name of the large, swinging, spiked log. There are two of these bad boys, and while they're quite slow, they'll send you flying if they catch you. Watch out for holes in the floor, and time your run to give you the most amount of time to get through. After you get past Thicc Bonkus, you just need to get over the bridge that raises and lowers and you're home free.

See Saw

Fall Guys See Saw PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Run and balance across rows of see-saws to reach the finish line!

See Saw can be tough if you get too far behind, but it's not as hard as you think. The first set of see-saws is pretty easy to get across, but the problems come when the see-saws start to be offset from each other. It means lots of players all pile onto one side and tip the balance. When this happens, it can be tricky to get onto the see-saw at all; you could jump on and just slide right off. We would suggest diving onto these see-saws instead of just jumping. Your fall guy will usually get back on his feet much faster, and so will have a higher chance of staying on the tilted see-saw.

This round is partly about anticipation, too. You can see the entire map ahead of you, thus you can judge what will be an easier path forward. For example, it's best to hop across see-saws that are less populated so you don't get stuck among the pack. One final word of advice: if you fall down, don't give up — everyone is bound to fall off the see-saws, and this round is generally an early one so there will be plenty of time to qualify.

Slime Climb

Fall Guys Slime Climb PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Outrun the rising slime and survive through obstacles to reach the finish line!

Slime Climb is one of the hardest rounds in the whole game, mostly because of the pressure brought by the rising slime. You're eliminated as soon as you touch the slime, so you need to reach the finish in good time. Early on, there's a shortcut where you can jump on one of the triangular yellow trampolines and skip a chunk of the main path. This is tempting, but with everyone trying to do it, it's often best to just follow the regular path. The pushers are easy to avoid.

The balls are fairly easy to avoid. We find it's best to stick to the extreme left or right on your way up this portion. After this is another set of pushers. Next up are conveyor belts and some blockers moving left and right. You want to walk to the right to counteract the conveyors, but take your time to avoid the obstacles. Next is arguably the hardest part: traversing the cylindrical balance beams. You need to be dead centre on these things or you'll slide back down to the conveyor belts.

After that is a section covered in slime with rotating hammers. You'll slip and slide on this surface, so you'll take a little longer to make turns to avoid the obstacles. Likewise with the final portion, which throws pendulums into the mix. Weave your way through these to the finish line. If you're nudged to the side by one of these obstacles, you might be able to save yourself with a dive.

The Whirlygig

Fall Guys The Whirlygig PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Navigate the obstacles and race to the finish line!

Like Dizzy Heights, this is an obstacle course, but it swaps out spinning platforms for rotating sweepers and big fan blades you'll need to avoid. The first portion of this stage is easy to deal with, and there's not much punishment for getting hit by the sweepers. In fact, sometimes this can work to your advantage; if the angle is right, they can propel you forwards. This is a bit too unpredictable to be a consistent tactic, but it's nice when it happens.

Next is a section where you have to clamber up to a higher ledge and get through a fan. There's a conveyor belt that boosts you forward here — if you get the timing right, you can jump and dive from this conveyor to make a big leap onto the platform. If that fails, just use either of the yellow blocks on either side to get up. Next up are some more fans — just go in between where two of the blades come down, you'll walk right through. Once you're past another big fan, the course presents you with three paths. The middle path is the fastest, but it's also blocked by a very speedy fan that's almost impossible to get past. The safest thing to do is go either side and hop across the platforms. The very final obstacle is a super slow-moving barrier. Have patience and dive to make sure you get across the gap.

Tip Toe

Fall Guys Tip Toe PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Avoid fake tiles and find the hidden paths to reach the finish line!

One of the harder race rounds that usually appears towards the end of an "episode" of Fall Guys. It's hard to tell which tiles will disappear and which won't, but there's a very subtle thing to watch out for. Fake tiles will occasionally shake slightly, so avoid those that do this.

You can take a few falls while you try to find the golden path, but make sure you're with the crowd near the end. There's usually only a few spots open to qualify from Tip Toe, and once the end tile has been found, the round will be over in seconds. A good tip for catching back up with the pack is that your jump and dive is enough to leap over a tile-sized gap, so you can cut some corners on your way back.

Wall Guys

Fall Guys Wall Guys PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Race

Description: Use R2 to grab and move blocks — create paths and jump along to cross walls and reach the finish line!

This is an interesting round, as it involves a small amount of cooperation despite being a race. You need to use the moveable blocks to scale the castle walls, and they get progressively higher each time. Sometimes the blocks will be in good enough positions that you can make it over the walls without needing to move them much at all. Other times, you and other players might have to figure out where to place them so you can all move up.

The R2 button is your friend in this round. You use the grab to push blocks around, but you can also use it to latch onto the edges of platforms and pull yourself up, which allows you to skip the smaller ones. One other thing we should mention is that players will tend to all go the same way — the easiest — so you can sneakily try to create your own path away from the herd, which might actually take less time.

Block Party

Fall Guys Block Party PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Survival

Description: Avoid the moving walls and don't fall off the platform!

This one can be deceptively tricky. Your worst enemy here is other players getting in the way, so try and steer clear of them where possible. Dodging the walls is easy for most of the round, but the final 20 seconds or so narrows the playing field considerably. Try and stick to the middle as best you can so you can avoid the obstacles coming your way.

Jump Club

Fall Guys Jump Club PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Survival

Description: Jump over the spinning beam and avoid falling into the slime!

If you get hit by the lower beam, odds are you'll end up in the slime, eliminating you immediately. There's not much to say about this one, although if you follow the rotation around in the same direction, you won't need to jump so often. What you don't want is for both the upper and lower beams to come at you at the same time, so make sure you position yourself so that doesn't happen.

Roll Out

Fall Guys Roll Out PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Survival

Description: Move between rotating rings to avoid falling into the slime!

The rotation direction alternates, so you'll need to constantly move across them to stay away from the sides. Our advice is to avoid other players as much as you can, as they tend to grab you to try and throw you off. There are normally fewer players on the far left or right, so we'd head to either side. It's safest to not jump on this stage and just walk between the rings. Roll Out is usually over fairly quickly, so just keep centre and don't jump if you don't need to.

Hoopsie Legends

Fall Guys Hoopsie Legends PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Hunt

Description: Coming soon!

Tail Tag

Fall Guys Tail Tag PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Hunt

Description: Some players start with tails, some don't — use R2 to grab a tail and make sure you have one when the timer runs out!

This is the free-for-all variant of the tail grabbing rounds. There's little rhyme or reason to Tail Tag — people will just be running around like headless chickens. Sometimes it can feel like blind luck when you bump into someone with a tail. There are some smart things you can do, though. We find it useful to turn on player names with a press of L2 — this lets you better see where everyone is.

We'd also suggest it's a waste of time running after just one other person, you probably won't catch up. Instead, try to run head first into someone with a tail. You can also jump and dive, then use grab — this gives you a little more reach. When you do catch someone, hold down R2 for a second or two to make sure it registers. Most importantly, it's only the last few seconds that really count, so don't give up.

Perfect Match

Fall Guys Perfect Match PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Logic

Description: Memorise the icons on the tiles — when an icon is displayed on the screen, move to a matching tile to avoid falling into the slime!

This is probably the easiest round in the game. There are three randomly generated sets of tiles, and they'll flash on and off to reveal what fruit they show. The first set will have two fruits, the second will have four, and the third will have five. It's your job to keep a mental note of where each possibility is so that when the screen shows a fruit, you know where to go. Simple.

But if you don't manage to remember where all the fruits are, don't worry about it too much. You can happily follow the crowd and be confident you're standing on the right tile. The problem with this is that you could get pushed off into the slime. If possible, find a tile that's less busy to avoid this, but if in doubt, follow the herd.

Egg Scramble

Fall Guys Egg Siege PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Team

Description: Use R2 to grab eggs — store them in your team's nest to score points!

At the start is a cluster of eggs in the middle. There's a temptation to sabotage other teams immediately, but honestly, your best bet is to just focus on getting as many eggs into your own basket as you can. Don't even worry too much about the golden eggs — this game is all about quantity. If you get a gold egg or two, great, but don't make it your sole mission.

Once the middle is clear of eggs, it's time to play a little dirty. Everyone else will be doing it, so there's no shame in stealing eggs from other teams. The best tactic is to pick on the team that's losing, as the teams in first and second will qualify. If you're on the losing team, it's important to both defend and go on the attack. Figure out what your other teammates are doing; does your nest need defenders, or should you go on the hunt?

Getting out of an enemy nest with an egg is a little tricky, but we'll say this: jump further from the ledges than you think. If you approach the steps too close, you'll bounce back down because of the egg you're carrying. Again, don't focus solely on golden eggs. Get in, pick up the first egg you see, and get out.

Egg Siege

Fall Guys Egg Scramble PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Team

Description: Coming soon!

Fall Ball

Fall Guys Fall Ball PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Team

Description: Score goals by getting balls into the opposing team's goal — work together to get the win!

This is essentially soccer, only with two balls and very little coordination. Figure out your role on the team — don't forget that it's just as important to have defenders or goalies as it is to have offence. Having one or two players blocking shots can be the difference between winning and losing.

That said, sometimes it's best to get stuck in. If the ball is heading to your goal, move in to block it. If you know the way is clear, dive into the ball to send it back the other way. Also remember that there are always two balls in play — it's easy to focus on one and forget about the other. Grab opponents to stop them hitting the balls, too.

A couple of neat tricks. If you're near a goal and need to get to the other side of the arena, jump into the goal and you'll respawn in the middle. This is quicker than just running ahead. Here's another: when a goal is scored, get to the centre and watch for a shadow. If you time it right, you can jump and header the incoming ball and it will fly into the opposition's goal. There's a knack to it, but it's very hard to deal with. Lastly, it's important to note that you'll sometimes get an American football or golden egg thrown into the mix; the former is worth a single point, but the latter is worth a whopping five!


Fall Guys Hoarders PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Team

Description: Keep balls in your area to earn points for your team!

This one is similar to Egg Scramble in some ways. There are only a few balls rolling around, and you want to try and keep as many in your team's area as possible. As with the aforementioned round, the team that's losing should be your primary target, as the team in last place is the only one to go out. One good position is to stand on the raised ridge of an opposing team and bounce the balls back towards your territory. We'd also suggest you don't get complacent just because you're winning — things can change in an instant.

Hoopsie Daisy

Fall Guys Hoopsie Daisy PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Team

Description: Jump and dive through hoops to score points for your team!

Hoops descend from the heavens in random spots throughout the map, and all you need to do is hop through them. When the game loads up, swivel the camera around to see if you're near any rings, and make that your first target. Once the chaos begins, try to focus on hoops nearest to you. If you spot a hoop far away and there are already others closing in on it, leave it and find a closer one. Most of the time, there will be competition for each hoop, but don't assume opponents nearby will take it; they might make a silly mistake and leave it open. Another approach is to find a spot that's not very populated and wait for the hoops to arrive.


Fall Guys Jinxed PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Team

Description: The first team to get completely Jinxed are eliminated! When you get caught, grab the opposing team to Jinx them!

There are two states of being in this round — you're either jinxed or you aren't. You'll know when you are because you'll be surrounded by little pink clouds. So, if you haven't been jinxed yet, you need to run and hide from the opposition who have that pink colouring for as long as you can. If you're jinxed, the game changes, and you must track down un-jinxed enemies and grab them with R2.

Though this is quite a chaotic round that often comes down to the wire, we've noticed a couple of tactics people use. For those avoiding capture, you can stay on the raised, spinning platforms, as these are hard to access and harder to run around on, and you can easily hop off when needs be. Another good idea if you've yet to be caught is to stick with a teammate who has been jinxed, as this will provide you with a makeshift camouflage. It doesn't always work, mind. If you're jinxed and looking for people to grab, they often congregate on either side, attempting to hide on the raised platforms with the pillars.

Rock 'N' Roll

Fall Guys Rock 'N' Roll PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Team

Description: Work together to push your ball to the finish line before the other teams!

This is a tough one full of dirty tactics. The first portion is all about working with your teammates to get the ball through some obstacles. It's not too tricky, but you need to coordinate as best you can. Try to be the first to get to the lower portion.

This big slope is where foul play comes into practice. Other teams will try to intercept your ball and prevent you from getting it to the bottom. You can counter this by keeping up just pushing the ball and maybe grabbing the opposition so they can't interfere. If your ball is looking safe, you can employ the same dirty tactics to your opponents. No one has clean hands in Rock 'N' Roll.

Team Tail Tag

Fall Guys Team Tail Tag PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Team

Description: Use R2 to grab a tail — make sure that your team has more tails than the rest when the timer runs out!

The same tips as seen above in Tail Tag can be employed here, but this time you have a team to support. Remember, only the team in last place will get eliminated, so try to steal a tail from that colour. At the end of the day, though, any tail will do.

One method we've found success with is running on the conveyor belts the opposite direction. More often than not, an opponent with a tail will be heading straight towards you, and you can grab them before they can properly react.

Fall Mountain

Fall Guys Fall Mountain PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Final

Description: Reach the top of the mountain first and use R2 to GRAB the CROWN!

This is an uphill gauntlet with a crown at the top. It's a pretty relentless run, with paddles that rotate, spinning hammers, and balls flying towards you at high speeds. Tactically, it feels safest to stick to the sides, but there's no golden path to victory. Getting to the top first is partly luck and partly down to deftly avoiding hazards.

One very important tip: make sure you grab the crown with R2! If you just jump at the crown without grabbing, you'll bounce off and probably lose the round. Also, the crown hovers up and down. You need to make sure the crown is low enough that you can actually reach it. We've watched lots of players make the jump when the crown is too high up, so have patience. If you're struggling to get to the top — and this is something we've already said many times — don't give up. Odds are other players are having a hard time, too. If you're taking some punishment, keep pushing forward. You might just end up winning.


Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Final

Description: Floor pieces fall away when you stand on them — keep moving and survive longest to WIN the CROWN!

This is a treacherous round with a few strategies you can use. Any floor tile you touch will disappear after a second, so you must keep moving to avoid falling down to lower levels. It's a tricky balancing act, because staying on the upper levels could mean that lower platforms will be stripped bare by the time you get down there. Don't count yourself out if you fall down a bit early on.

One option is to stick to the outskirts of a level and run the edges. This maximises your time on a platform. You can just jump from one hexagon to the next rather than running, which gets even more time out of each one. However, this can be a risky play; other players will look to cut you off. Sometimes it can be best to clear tiles from the middle so that players above you will fall below you. Use the camera to look below you if you know you'll need to head down. You can look for a good spot to land and keep your run going.

Jump Showdown

Fall Guys Jump Showdown PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Final

Description: Jump over the spinning beam and avoid the falling floor to WIN the CROWN!

This round is very much like Jump Club, but there's one key difference. Sections of the floor will gradually give way until just two segments remain. This happens all while you need to jump over the revolving sweeper, which slowly gains speed. Tactics for this are similar to Jump Club — try to stay clear of other players so you're not distracted from the main task. It's also very important you don't play this round with Push Square contributor Simon Fitzgerald, who will go out of his way to sabotage you.

Ahem. It's best to stick near the centre of the platform. That way, if you're hit by the beam, you may be able to regain your footing before you slide off the edge.

Royal Fumble

Fall Guys Royal Fumble PS4 PlayStation 4

Round Category: Final

Description: Use R2 to grab the tail and make sure you're wearing it when the timer runs out to WIN!

This is Tail Grab, except there's only one tail. If you're lucky, you'll start the round with the tail, and can spend the entire time evading others. This isn't a huge advantage, though, as the only thing that matters is who's wearing the tail when the clock reaches zero.

With that in mind, don't worry if you can't seem to catch the tail straight away. There's little sense in just chasing the player, you probably won't catch them that way. Instead, try to anticipate where they're heading and try to meet them head on and surprise them. You could also try to stick to one area and wait for the tailed player to come to you. Once you do have the tail, mix up where you're running. Use the raised areas and the spinning platform to throw people off.

There you have it — every round in Fall Guys, along with some tips and advice for each one. Which rounds are your favourites, and which do you dread? Share more hints and tricks in the comments section below, and take a look at our Fall Guys: All Season 2 Rewards guide for more.