Sainted Hero's Grave is a location in the Altus Plateau in Elden Ring that contains the Ancient Hero of Zamor. This tunnel also houses a couple Stonesword Key gates, a couple new talismans, some spirit ashes, and ash upgrade materials. As part of our Elden Ring guide, we're going to explain how to complete Sainted Hero's Grave.

Elden Ring: How to Complete Sainted Hero's Grave

On this page, we're going to reveal how to complete Sainted Hero's Grave. We'll include the location, a walkthrough, and any additional information, like item drops.

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Sainted Hero's Grave Location: How to Find It

The structure containing the lift down into the Sainted Hero’s Grave is atop a plateau along the road west of the Rampartside Path. Navigate through some lightning and reach the grave entrance where a Black Knife Assassin awaits. Emerge victorious from the battle to receive the Black Knife weapon and for free passage into the grave and down the lift to its Site of Grace.

Sainted Hero's Grave: Walkthrough

After descending the lift at the beginning and touching the Site of Grace, you’ll see a Stonesword Key gate straight ahead. Spend the one key it costs for a simple square room that holds an enemy hunched over the Crimson Seed Talisman. Grab it before heading back out and into the hallway on the east which holds a message at its entrance – “Shadow bathes in light and knows weakness”. This message attempts to shed light on the fact that many of the enemies we encounter in this grave will be invincible until they’re brought into the golden lights.

Descend the set of stairs next and go straight at the fork to come to a room with two enemies perched on either side of a staircase. Run up and defeat them as quickly as possible to prevent them from getting off too many magic attacks. With them gone, head behind the stairs where a more powerful multi-armed enemy pops out. Defeat it by whatever means necessary and grab the Grave Glovewort [5] it was defending. Now you can head up the stairs and grab the Grave Violet at the top.

There’s an Illusory Wall up here right behind the Grave Violet, but it doesn’t really lead anywhere useful, it’s just a ledge overlooking the next area where you can spot a Jade Goblin that’s vulnerable as it’s within the circle of golden light. Either drop down off the ledge here or backtrack to the forking path and head down the stairs to approach and eliminate the unprotected Jade Goblin while coaxing the shaded goblin into the light so it can be eliminated next.

With the Jade Goblins gone, continue through the passageway into the next room where you can catch a glimpse of two shaded Jade Goblins below. Sprint past them and around the corner where you’ll find the light that’ll weaken them. After they’ve both been dispatched, head under the stairway in this room for a Grave Glovewort [4] and another Grave Violet. Afterwards, take the passageway at the east end, turn the corner, take some stairs down, and emerge into a room with pillars and a sandy center.

Refrain from stepping in the middle to begin with. Instead, skirt around the edge to reach the corpse that holds the Leyndell Soldier Ashes. With the ashes added to your inventory, it’s now safe to step into the sand and drop down below into another circle of golden light. There are four more Jade Goblins here, but they each get stunned when they step foot in the light, meaning they shouldn’t be too difficult to take out. Once all four have been dealt with, head around to the southeast corner of this room to find a Grave Glovewort [3] before yanking the lever to open the large wooden door.

Opening the door will expose the next passageway which contains several falling blades and undead enemies. While you do have to be careful not to be underneath the blades as they fall, they will defeat any enemies that pass underneath. Once the first section has been cleared of enemies, climb atop the first falling blade after it falls and jump off of it onto a ledge on the northwest for a well-hidden path with some stairs heading upward.

Climb these stairs and eliminate the undead husks you encounter before eventually reaching a room with a Stonesword Key gate and more enemies. Ignore the two undead enemies on the ground floor for now and instead sprint up the stairs to take out the two magic foes who will give you a hard time if they aren’t dealt with. Once the room is clear, you’re free to spend the Stonesword Key to get to the area beneath the stairs which houses a Grave Glovewort [5] and the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1.

That’s everything of value along this hidden path. If you continue up the stairs, you’ll be brought to a ledge you can drop down to reach the room with pillars we dropped into just a bit ago. Go ahead and return to the room with the large blades and continue past the first few blades while grabbing the Grave Glovewort [4] along the way. The last blade of the first grouping can be used to reach the bridge overhead, but it requires a couple of tricky jumps along the small ledges that jut out the side. Instead, continue around the corner of the pathway here, deal with the mounted foe and any undead you come across, grab the Grave Glovewort [3], and climb the ladder just beside the Glovewort.

After getting up here, drop down into the room below where another powerful multi-armed enemy teleports in. Once you’ve dealt with it, some Human Bone Shards and a Grave Glovewort [5] are yours. Now head across the hall to the west, grab the Root Resin off the corpse along the way, and head up some stairs into another room which contains a Frenzied Duelist. You can grab the Prattling Pate “Let’s get to it” from the corpse without drawing its attention, but you’ll have to deal with it if you want the Ghost Glovewort [4] and [5] in this room, but you’ll have to defeat the Frenzied Duelist anyway to open the boss door.

Actually slaying the Frenzied Duelist is easier said than done however, as it’s also shaded and can only be rendered vulnerable by leading it into the golden light circle in the previous room to the south. Make it follow you off the ledge and lead it into the prior room, but this room is outside of the Duelist’s patrol area, meaning it’ll start retreating once it reaches the doorway. We need it to enter the light though, so you’ll have to carefully approach to coax out its attacks that’ll make it lunge forward and, eventually, step into the light and lose its protection.

Deal the final death blow to the Frenzied Duelist for a notification that a heavy door has opened. As luck would have it, that door is right at the end of this watery passage. Follow it around the corner, take out any remaining undead enemies, and pass through the doors. This final room before the boss contains another undead adversary and a Grave Glovewort [3] ripe for picking. Now all that remains is to prepare yourself to cross the mist gate and deal with the Ancient Hero of Zamor.

Sainted Hero's Grave: Item Drops and Loot

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