Sage's Cave is a location in the Altus Plateau in Elden Ring and the home of both Necromancer Garris and a Black Knife Assassin. This cave also crammed to the brim with crafting items, a Stonesword Key, a shield, a unique weapon, and a rare armour set. As part of our Elden Ring guide, we're going to explain how to complete Sage's Cave.

How Do You Complete Sage's Cave in Elden Ring?

On this page, we're going to reveal how to complete Sage's Cave. We'll include the location, a walkthrough, and any additional information, like item drops.

Sage's Cave Location: How to Find It

Sage’s Cave is easily accessible once you’ve defeated Magma Wyrm and reach the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace. The cave entrance sits along the northeastern edge of the flower-infested waters in this area. You can simply skirt around the edge to largely avoid the poisonous flowers and reach the cave on the other side.

Sage's Cave: Walkthrough

Sage’s Cave holds bountiful secrets within its rock walls, so get ready to smack some Illusory Walls. The first one is fairly obvious – follow the path forward, pick up the Crystal Moss along the way, and come to a dead end that’s actually just an Illusory Wall blocking the path. Make it disappear to come to a chamber with a couple patches of Budding Cave Moss.

Follow the stream out to a lit chamber that houses a skeleton enemy that’s waiting to strike. Defeat it before grabbing more Budding Cave Moss and unveiling another Illusory Wall on the suspiciously flat looking rock surface next to the moss patch. This reveals the path forward and a reward for your efforts thus far in the form of two treasure chests – one of which contains Lost Ashes of War, and the other holds some Rejuvenating Boluses.

Next head south, deeper into this cave’s dark depths. You’ll run into two corpses holding Golden Runes [5] and a handful of Silver Fireflies. Stop here before going further and look to the left where you’ll find another flat-looking rock wall between two small fires. This is another Illusory Wall, but disperse this one with caution because there are four skeleton foes on the other side. However, take them all out to find an ample reward – four entire treasure chests ready for plundering. They contain a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, the Black Hood, a Candletree Wooden Shield, and a Nascent Butterfly. Not too shabby.

With your pockets lined with loot, return to the prior passageway and continue heading southward through a tunnel that leads out to a room with a campfire and three skeleton enemies. The two skellies on the wooden platform are the weaker of the bunch while the one on the left is an axe-wielding brute who’s much more powerful. If you just barely peek out of the passageway along the left wall, you’re able to grab the attention of the brute and lure it back into the prior passage where you can do battle one-on-one without fear of the other two interfering.

Take the three skeletons out before finding a fourth standing in a northern corner of the room, facing another suspicious wall. Take the skellie out and roll into the wall it was facing to find a treasure chest containing a Stonesword Key. Continue through the room’s north exit where you’ll find two more chests that house some Dragonwound Grease and the Raptor Talons weapon, then turn and look to the southwest to find yet another chest containing some Golden Great Arrows. This cave just keeps on giving.

Continue on through the northwest exit to come back out to the chamber with the waterfall. To continue onward, you’ll have to clear a small gap to the west, but do so carefully. We’d recommend getting a running start before jumping across to maximize your chances of making it safely since the awkward angle of the platforms will make you prone to veer off course. For best results, jump slightly into the left-hand cave wall so it helps guide you across. Once you’ve gotten to the other side, head down the hallway to the left where you’ll find another Illusory Wall by some Budding Cave Moss.

Beyond the false cave wall is a couple more treasure chests that hold the Raptor’s Black Feathers and the Skeletal Mask, but that’s not all that’s here. Roll into the flat wall at this room’s northwest edge to discover that it’s another Illusory Wall, behind which is a mist gate to this cave’s hidden boss – Necromancer Garris.

You can take Garris on now or circle back to the boss later, it’s your call, but there’s still another boss location in this cave. Head back out to the waterfall chamber and drop down along the shallow rock ledges to the north, there are some cave mosses telegraphing the way forward. Follow them along to find this cave’s second mist gate where the second boss resides – an invisible Black Knife Assassin.

Sage's Cave: Boss Fight Strategy

Sage's Cave: Item Drops and Loot

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