How do you complete Castle Morne in Elden Ring? As part of our ongoing Elden Ring walkthrough, we're going to guide you through the vertical labyrinth that is Castle Morne. It's here that you'll find Edgar, the father of Irina, and is an important destination if you want to know How to Help Irina Deliver Irina's Letter to Her Father Edgar. Castle Morne also plays host to Leonine Misbegotten, an optional boss who drops the Grafted Blade Greatsword.

On this page, as part of our Elden Ring guide, is how to complete Castle Morne. We've divided this guide up into a series of sections that will help you to keep track of your progress, as you work your way through the castle and deal with the Misbegottens that stand in your way.

Elden Ring: How to Complete Castle Morne

Elden Ring: How to Complete Castle Morne Guide 1

On this page, we're going to explain how to complete Castle Morne and reach the boss battle against Leonine Misbegotten.

Make Your Approach to Castle Morne

Castle Morne is located in Limgrave towards the south, in an area known as the Weeping Peninsula. At the Bridge of Sacrifice, you'll want to speak to Irina in order to trigger her quest, and pick up Irina's Letter. You may also find a Night's Cavalry on your approach. There's a Golden Seed just outside on the right of Castle Morne, which you should pick up before activating the Site of Grace at the entrance. Once inside, take the lift up to the courtyard and mentally prepare yourself.

Castle Morne's Courtyard and Beyond

Immediately after getting off the lift, take a hard left and up the stairs to a bonfire. There are a couple of Dogs in the area which you'll need to deal with before you can collect Smithing Stone [2]. Head back to the courtyard with the Misbegottens on the mound and either deal with them one-by-one or sneak around the left-hand side to the Pumpkin Helm. Deal with him for a Sanctuary Stone and loot the left-side behind the tree for three Smithing Stone [1]s. Then directly opposite sneak up on the Misbegotten blocking the way and climb the ladder.

More Misbegottens await at the top so have your shield ready and your wits about you. Be careful of the Winged Misbegottens at the end of the runway (you may need to jump attack them to bring them down) and loot a Golden Rune [2] from a body overhanging the passageway. Pick up a Smoldering Butterfly from the cooking stove and then recap your steps to a ladder on the left. Climb down and follow the pathway, dealing with two Misbegottens along the way, for another Smithing Stone [2]. Then climb back up the ladder, return to the aforementioned cooking stove, and look to the right for the Behind the Castle Site of Grace.

Around the Perimeter of Castle Morne

Drop down back into the castle and look for a wooden overhang with a corpse on it. This has a Stonesword Key upon it, so grab it. Jump down for a prison cell with a ghoulish NPC in it and a Pickled Turtle Neck, just beware of the foe who falls from the ceiling. Head down the runway to the ladder, and climb up for a treasure chest at the end and the Twinblade Talisman. Then climb back down, head a few steps down the runway and look to the right for a castle roof. Jump on it and drop down to the ground, and loot the area for three Tarnished Golden Sunflowers.

Travel forward eastwards until you return to the castle grounds, and a hole in the floor. Look for a beam and try to land on it for Smithing Stone [2]. Then drop on the next beam and onto the floor. Run through the door and let the Rats follow you out, as they can be difficult to deal with in such a small space. Try to take them on one-by-one. Once they're dealt with, head back inside for a Whip, then back out and to the left for another Site of Grace, this time the Beside the Rampart Gaol.

Once you've recovered, head across the wooden bridge and deal with the Winged Misbegottens. Loot the body for Throwing Knives. Then drop down from the bridge into the area with Spirit Jellyfish for the fight against Leonine Misbegotten. Before you fight him, you may want to consider seeking out Edgar if you want to know How to Help Irina Deliver Irina's Letter to Her Father Edgar as there's a different outcome to the quest if you beat the boss first. You can find out How to Beat Leonine Misbegotten through the link.

Cleaning up Castle Morne

There is more to do in Castle Morne regardless. Head back to the courtyard where the Misbegottens are worshipping the corpse on fire and climb up the mound towards the right. Immediately inside the castle doorway is a treasure chest with a Claymore inside. Head down the stairs and allow the Godrick Knight and Misbegottens to fight. Finish them off if necessary. Then climb the ladder on the left for an even bigger battle. Again, stay out of the way and let them weaken each other, before picking any stragglers off.

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Get a Furlcalling Finger Remedy from the central podium and a Steel-Wire Torch from the left. Return to the ladder that goes up — opposite where you entered this area — and drop down to the runway you've been on before. On the left, at the end of the bridge like area, is a wooden platform you can drop to for the pathway to Edgar. Alternatively, drop down to the mound and kill all the Misbegottens. Loot the corpses for Fire Grease.

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