How do you beat Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Elden Ring? A Boss Fight you'll face in Belurat, Tower Settlement of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, this is a difficult fight that'll test all your combat skills. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to beat Divine Beast Dancing Lion.

How Do You Beat Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Elden Ring?

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On this page, we're going to explain how to beat Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Elden Ring. We will include an overview of the foe, Boss Fight strategies, their location, tips and tricks, and item drops.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion: Overview

Divine Beast Dancing Lion
Belurat, Tower Settlement
Recommended Level
Runes Reward
90,000 Runes
Item Drops
Remembrance of the Dancing Lion + Divine Beast Head

Divine Beast Dancing Lion Location: How to Find It

The Divine Beast Dancing Lion is located at the top of Belurat, Tower Settlement in the Gravesite Plain. You'll need to fight your way through the castle before facing this formidable opponent. For a step-by-step walkthrough through the location, refer to our how to complete Belurat, Tower Settlement guide.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion: Boss Fight Strategy

Before you even enter the boss arena, take note of the Site of Grace before pushing open the stone double doors. If you exhausted all the dialogue associated with Redmane Freyja when you first met her outside Belurat, Tower Settlement, she'll appear as a gold summon sign. This allows you to call upon her for the encounter, making things a lot easier. We recommend bringing her with you, and you can also get your Mimic Tear Ashes involved too.

When you're ready, push open the double doors for an introductory cutscene. The Divine Beast Dancing Lion sort of bears a lion's face, but this thing really is a beast more than anything else. It usually begins the encounter by breathing a damaging mist at you, which deals slight damage but nothing too concerning.

You'll quickly come to understand that while this boss is a large one, it's surprisingly agile. It can move about on the ground fairly quickly, but also perform flips during attacks and jump up into the air and come crashing back down again with an almighty blow. It's probably going to take a few attempts before you've got a hang of the boss' flow, because this is a pretty unique encounter compared to what's in the base game.

For starters, we recommend letting Redmane Freyja dive headfirst into the fight and allowing her to have the attention of the boss most of the time. This allows you a bit of freedom in your movements, only having to worry about its long-range attacks later on. Get behind the Divine Beast Dancing Lion and start hacking at its health bar. As well as standard swipes and jump attacks, the boss also relies on that grey mist it used when you entered the arena. It can also cover the ground around it in mist, so don't get too close when it looks like it's going to breathe some out. If you are in close quarters, you can jump over or roll through the mist.

When you've knocked off roughly one-third of its HP, the boss will call upon Lightning, channelling its energy and power into its own attacks. If you've got any Armor or Talismans with a strong Lightning resistance, it'll work well here. In terms of attack, building up and applying Bleed damage takes off a good chunk of the boss' HP when it activates — consider Ashes of War like Bloody Slash.

The boss will call down Lightning strikes in the area it chooses to attack, so don't be anywhere near it when goes to lunge at you. After roughly 40 seconds, the boss will then change its elemental affinity to Frost. Now, it'll shoot down icy breath at you, raising your Frostbite gauge. Try to avoid filling your meter completely, as you'll take more damage from attacks if you do. The Divine Beast Dancing Lion also covers the area in ice shards, which hurts you further.

Then, after another 40 seconds or so, the boss switches things again, this time to Wind. It can now shoot tornadoes at you from a distance, which can be dodged by rolling to either side. This is now the setup for the second phase of the encounter: the boss switches between Lightning, Frost, and Wind attacks in sequence. Any Armor or Talismans (the Ailment Talisman would work really well here) that reduce the effects of these elements will come in handy, while you need to take a backseat in general while the fight takes place. Allow Redmane Freyja and your Mimic Tear Ashes to take the aggro; they're both very strong — especially if you've been collecting all the Revered Spirit Ash so far. If you deal enough damage, the boss will be staggered and you can land a heavy blow to the orange glowing part of its face.

Using the Remembrance of the Dancing Lion, you can either consume it for more Runes or trade it in at Roundtable Hold for a new Talisman called Enraged Divine Beast or an Ash of War named Divine Beast Frost Stomp.

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