Looking for all Revered Spirit Ash locations in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree? The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces two new types of upgrades that are only active in the Realm of Shadow, with Revered Spirit Ash being one of them. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal all Revered Spirit Ash locations in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

What Are All Revered Spirit Ash Locations in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree?

Elden Ring: All Revered Spirit Ash Locations Guide 1

Revered Spirit Ash is a new type of upgrade exclusive to the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and is only active when you're in the Realm of Shadow. They enhance your Summon Spirits to make them stronger, like the Mimic Tear Ashes. It's not possible to track how much better your Summon Spirits get with every upgrade, but you will feel the benefit as you start encountering Boss Fights.

You'll find Revered Spirit Ash in front of statues spread throughout the Realm of Shadow, and they can be traded in at any Site of Grace for upgrades. You'll only need 1 Revered Spirit Ash to get the first enhancement, but soon you'll need 2 Revered Spirit Ash and then 3 Revered Spirit Ash to continue unlocking the Summon Spirit boosts.

Below, you'll find all Revered Spirit Ash locations. We've broken the guide up into location-based sections that follow the structure laid out by the Sites of Grace list on your map. Alongside Revered Spirit Ash, you can also upgrade your Attack Power and Damage Negation via Scadutree Fragments. You spend these upgrades on the same page as Revered Spirit Ash. For all Scadutree Fragments locations, click the link.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. If you know of any other Revered Spirit Ash we haven't documented yet, feel free to call them out in the comments below.

Gravesite Plain Revered Spirit Ash

#1 — Church of Consolation

From the Site of Grace named Gravesite Plain, head northeast while keeping the structure covered in tapestries (the Scorched Ruins) on your left. You'll eventually reach a cliff face beyond the tree with bodies hanging off of it. Follow the cliff edge up to the source of the waterfall where a mutilated body can be found with the Revered Spirit Ash in front of it, with the Church of Consolation below you.

#2 — Abandoned Ailing Village

Just after the first set of destroyed houses in the Abandoned Ailing Village, hug the righthand side of the path and look over the edge to find a ledge you can drop down to. At the end here is the Revered Spirit Ash.

#3 — Cliffroad Terminus

From the Site of Grace called Three-Path Cross in the main Gravesite Plain area, head west up the path, then once you spot Belurat, Tower Settlement, hug the cliff edge to the left and you'll notice a path up and through the rock. This brings you out to a Site of Grace called Cliffroad Terminus. From here, head for the pool of water to your right with the tortoises in. Here you'll find the Revered Spirit Ash.

Please note you can only reach this higher point of the Gravesite Plain by progressing up to Three-Part Cross; it's not accessible from down below at the Western Nameless Mausoleum.

#4 — Ellac River Cave

This Revered Spirit Ash is located in the underground cave below the Gravesite Plain. From the Site of Grace titled Castle Front, head southeast and go down the valley to the left, eventually leading to a poisonous swamp area. Continue to hug the lefthand side until you reach a pool of water with a large crab inside. In the back of this pool is a cave you can pass through, and the Revered Spirit Ash is inside.

Belurat, Tower Settlement Revered Spirit Ash

#1 — Entrance

In the second room of the Belurat, Tower Settlement. Kill all the scorpions then approach the statue and grab the Revered Spirit Ash.

#2 — Small Private Altar

Beyond the Small Private Altar and the dirty river you have to run through, you'll eventually climb a ladder beside a corpse that gives you the Storeroom Key. When you're back outside, take a right to where the bird enemies are. Use the rooftops to cross to the other side, then you should spot a bridge with a glowing enemy holding a pot in front. Quickly kill the enemy and it'll drop a Revered Spirit Ash for you. If you're not fast enough, they'll disappear and you'll have to rest at a Site of Grace to get them to respawn.

#3 — Small Private Altar

Shortly after the previous Revered Spirit Ash in Belurat, Tower Settlement, the core path will lead you past a group of ghostly enemies praying around a huge tree. To your left will be the Revered Spirit Ash in front of the statue.

#4 — The Top of Belurat, Tower Settlement

After beating the Divine Beast Dancing Lion at the top of Belurat, Tower Settlement, head right out of the boss arena and take the elevator up to a new place. Push open the double doors and the Revered Spirit Ash will be sitting on a statue to your right.

Scadu Altus Revered Spirit Ash

#1 — East of Moorth Ruins

From Moorth Ruins, head out east all the way to the cliff edge. Once there, look for the toppling structure, and next to it will be a tree with the Revered Spirit Ash underneath it.

#2 — Ruins of Unte

By utilising secret passages inside Shadow Keep, you'll come outside to the Castle Watering Hole. In front will be the Ruins of Unte, and the Revered Spirit Ash is just southeast of them. For a guide detailing how to reach this area, refer to our how to reach Abyssal Woods page. You'll pass through this area on the way there.

Shadow Keep Revered Spirit Ash

#1 — Storehouse, Seventh Floor

As you're making your way through the Storehouse, you'll eventually find a room with both a Site of Grace and Redmane Freyja inside. Leave the room and head to the other side of this floor, where a bull statue is hanging. Jump onto its back and you'll find the Revered Spirit Ash.

Ancient Ruins of Rauh Revered Spirit Ash

#1 — West of Viaduct Minor Tower

Once you reach the Ancient Ruins of Rauh, you'll follow the main path through the river until you come to a staircase leading underground. In the back-left corner of the first room, you'll find a glowing enemy who drops a Revered Spirit Ash once killed.

#2 — Northwest of Rauh Ancient Ruins, West

From the Site of Grace at Rauh Ancient Ruins, West, enter the ruins and you'll come out the other side (having grabbed a Scadutree Fragment) in front of a building surrounded by a shallow pool of water, with two dual-wielding enemies patrolling. The Revered Spirit Ash will be in front of the statue inside the building.

Enir-Ilim Revered Spirit Ash

#1 — First Rise

From the Site of Grace at First Rise, head out into the courtyard full of golden trees, and next to the fountain in the back will be a particularly large enemy. Kill it and it'll reward you with a Revered Spirit Ash.

#2 — First Rise

In the very same area as the Revered Spirit Ash detailed above, drop down a level using the hole in the small bridge and you'll find another Revered Spirit Ash in front of a statue three enemies are praying at.

#3 — Above Spiral Rise

Having reached the Site of Grace at Spiral Rise, take the staircase up out onto the rooftop and head right to where the bird enemies are. There's a path on the other side of this area leading to a staircase, and in the room opposite it is a Revered Spirit Ash.

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