How do multiplayer and Summons work in Elden Ring? Playing online with friends or strangers is a core component of FromSoftware titles, but as a newcomer, the systems you use to connect with others can be confusing. There is no simple matchmaking button here; instead, you must use specific items. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how multiplayer and Summons work.

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Elden Ring: How Multiplayer and Summons Work

Elden Ring: How Multiplayer and Summons Work Guide 1

To begin with, you should pull up the Multiplayer tab from the in-game menu — don't forget this doesn't pause the game so make sure you're in a safe space. As long as you've progressed a little bit of the way into the game and picked up all the relevant items, you should now be viewing a variety of options, a lot of them concerning items to do with fingers. You use these to Summon players into your game, spawn into someone else's, or Invade.

Summoning is easiest to do at a Martyr Effigy. They are the small statues placed on the ground that looks like a person nailed to a crucifix. They're typically placed in the area just before a boss fight since they're generally what players need help with most.

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This is a Martyr Effigy

We will now explain how to Summon another player into your game, join someone else's game, and how to Invade.

How to Summon Another Player into Your Game

To have another player join you in order to team up and take on a boss, make sure you're next to a Martyr Effigy. This increases your chances of finding another player to Summon. First, interact with it, and then open up the Multiplayer tab. You're going to want to use an item called the Furlcalling Finger Remedy. With that done, the game will reveal Summoning signs nearby as long as you're online. Any that are lit up in gold are the ones you should interact with.

Elden Ring: How Multiplayer and Summons Work Guide 4

Give the game a couple of seconds to connect the two of you and the player should soon appear in your game. Their objective will be to beat the boss nearby, so go do so and enjoy how much easier it is with another player by your side.

How to Be Summoned by Other Players

If you want to be a great sport and help another Elden Ring player out through Summoning, you'll once again want to first interact with a Martyr Effigy. This time, however, you need to place your own Summoning sign on the ground. This is done using an item called the Tarnished's Furled Finger. Once done, your Summoning sign can be chosen by another player.

Once you're picked, you'll connect and be transported into their game. Your objective will again be to kill the boss in the area. During general multiplayer, the game only allows you to be Summoned by players of a similar level to you.

How to Play with Friends

Elden Ring: How Multiplayer and Summons Work Guide 5

To make sure you're chosen by friends, you'll need to use the Password system. This is accessed in the Multiplayer tab, and allows you to set a shared Password for you and your friends. If everyone you want to team up with has the same Password inserted into the Multiplayer menu, only their Summoning signs will appear in your game, and vice versa.

Players Summoned using the Password system active won't have to adhere to the same level limits as standard users, but if you're a much higher level than the host, your health, attack damage, and defence will be capped.

How to Invade Another Player

So you want to try and ruin someone else's game, do you? Give them a little backstab or two? We'll tell you how. Follow the usual routine of interacting with a Marty Effigy, but this time you'll want to use the Duelist's Furled Finger item. If you're Summoned, your one and only goal will be to kill the host (i.e the player) of that world.

How to Leave Messages

Elden Ring: How Multiplayer and Summons Work Guide 6

As long as you're playing online, you should see white signs on the ground fairly often. These are Messages left by other players. These can provide you with important information you wouldn't otherwise know, simply be a bit of a joke, or lie to you and send you off on a wild goose chase. The contents — and whether it's actually true or not — is dependent on the person who left the Message.

In order to leave your own Message, you'll need to use the Tarnished's Wizened Finger. It's accessed in your Inventory, at the bottom of the Tools tab. Select it and you'll be able to start leaving messages using Templates and Words. You'll also be able to see any Messages you've left in the past and ones you've encountered.

Have you been summoning or invading players through multiplayer in Elden Ring? Share your experiences in the comments below and check out our Elden Ring guide for much more help and information, including the best starting class.