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How does New Game + work in Demon's Souls? The Souls games have always had a somewhat unique approach to New Game +, and Demon's Souls is no exception. In this Demon's Souls guide, we'll be doing our best to answer the questions you likely have.

Demon's Souls New Game +: What Carries Over

As soon as your New Game + playthrough starts in Demon's Souls, you'll be placed back in The Nexus where things will be just they were when you first started. Only the first Archstone will be accessible, and all the game's bosses, enemies, and NPC's that perished in your prior playthrough will all be back.

Other than that, nearly everything else stays as is. Your character's stats and level stay the same from your previous playthrough, you'll keep all your spells, and almost all the contents of your inventory will carry over too. Even Stockpile Thomas will keep whatever you offloaded onto him. However, we say almost all of your inventory stays since key items that are tied to the story or progression (like keys, for example) will be gone.

Even your current Character and World Tendencies will carry over. If you want to take the Demon's Souls plunge by learning more about Tendency and how it works, check out our guides on Demon's Souls: Character Tendency and Demon's Souls: World Tendency.

Demon's Souls New Game +: What Changes

Demon's Souls is somewhat unique in the way it handles New Game + in that it progressively gets harder and harder with each iteration of New Game + you hit. Enemy HP and damage increase every time you loop over, but so do the number of souls that they drop on death. You can keep looping and playing New Game + with a single character an infinite amount of times.

Despite being able to carry your character through a theoretically infinite number of New Game + playthroughs, the difficulty will only keep increasing to a point – it won't get any harder once you reach roughly the eight playthrough mark. The difficulty of New Game + 68, for example, won't be any different from how hard New Game + 17 is.

Demon's Souls New Game +: How to Start New Game +

Demon's Souls is also unique in how you go about beginning New Game +. You don't actually have to do anything to start it! As soon as you defeat the final boss and watch the game's ending cutscene, you'll immediately be back in The Nexus with your character at the start of your New Game + playthrough, complete with tougher enemies and higher soul rewards.

How many New Game + playthroughs have you made it up to? Tell us how unbelievably hard the game can get in the comments section below, and have a look at our Demon's Souls guide for more useful info on the game.