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How do you defeat Blue Dragon? The Demon's Souls remake is here and so are we to try and help you along the way with our Demon's Souls guide. While it might not be a fully-fledged boss, it's still possible to bring down the Blue Dragon, and we're here to tell you how.

How to Kill the Blue Dragon in Demon's Souls

Boy does the Blue Dragon suck. It's not as sneaky as its red bridge-burning friend, but it's more annoying due to its guard post that sits atop the only way up to the Old King Allant fight – our personal pick for the hardest boss in the game. The Blue Dragon makes each death to Allant all the more painful knowing that you'll have to dodge several salvos of fire breath to get back where you were.

However, you will have recourse if you focus some effort on bringing down that pesky Blue Dragon, and managing to do so means he'll be gone for good (until New Game+ that is). It's actually pretty easy too, but you'll have to bring the right tools for the job.

Bring a Bow and Lots of Arrows

You'll have to bring a really solid bow if you want any chance of whittling down the Blue Dragon's health bar with arrows alone. We'd recommend a heavily upgraded Compound Long Bow or White Bow to maximize your damage potential while minimizing the number of arrows you have to procure and carry with you.

Make sure you bring the best arrows you've got too. Heavy Arrows are a good option as they deal more damage, their slower speed won't matter against the stationary Blue Dragon, and they can be endlessly purchased from the unlockable vendor Patches the Hyena at The Nexus for 30 souls a pop. You'll still need a few hundred of them in total, so don't be shy when you buy.

Stock up on Spices for Spells

If you'll be taking the more magical approach, build up a stockpile of spices. Old Spices are probably best due to their increased MP restoring potential, but they come at a price – they cost 1,000 souls each at the singing vendor in the Tower of Latria. However, the more you bring, the better off you'll be.

As for the spell itself, we'd recommend the trusty old Soul Arrow or, even better, Soul Ray which does more damage and can be purchased from Sage Freke in The Nexus after he's been freed from the Tower of Latria. If haven't done so yet, you can check out our Demon's Souls: How to Rescue Sage Freke guide to find out how.

The Method

The Blue Dragon has two perches: one alongside the castle wall path you have to traverse, and another atop the archway entrance to the castle keep. While it's at its first post, inch ahead as close as you can to where the path of its fire breath starts, and stop just before you feel you'd be within its reach.

You want to be as close as possible so that your spells and arrows have the reach they need to dish out some damage. If you happen to have the Clever Rat's Ring, you can equip it and purposely lower your health with the enemies beforehand to get a damage boost which will ultimately require the use of fewer arrows and/or spells to defeat the dragon.

It might take a few minutes of firing at it, but once its health bar has decreased by roughly half, the Blue Dragon will fly up to its second and final position. At this point, you'll want to get to the archway underneath it by running past its fire breath. Be extremely careful and make sure you time things right when approaching, otherwise you'll be as good as burnt toast in the dragon's fire. It'll sweep its fire breath in a left-to-right followed by a right-to-left pattern. Pick a side, wait until it sweeps the fire away from the side you've chosen, and make a mad dash up the steps.

Once you've reached your destination inside the archway and directly beneath the Blue Dragon, you're safe and ready to finish it off. You should be able to lock onto it from this position and fire off the remaining arrows or spells necessary to kill it and keep it from ruining your future travels in this area.

Blue Dragon rewards

Besting the Blue Dragon begets you:

  • 26,830 souls
  • Large Scaled Flame Demon Soul

How many times did you die to the Blue Dragon when you were just trying to get past its fire breath? Vent your frustrations in the comments section below. To avoid further frustration, check out our Demon's Souls guide where we try to smooth over any other rough patches you might come across.