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The Demon bosses in Demon's Souls are the hardest and most stressful part of the whole affair. Filling up on souls in the stage prior only to have to prove yourself against a giant enemy with a massive health bar to match is almost always a daunting task.

But don't worry, in this Demon's Souls guide we'll have you covered by breaking down each of the game's bosses and the best way to approach them. Take a deep breath, have a look at the tips below, and try your best to enjoy yourself and the challenge that the bosses pose.

How to Beat the Dragon God in Demon's Souls

This big bad Archdemon was actually quite controversial back when the original Demon's Souls first came out. This dragon is undeniably awesome looking, and it was plastered all over the original game's marketing material because of it, but it's admittedly pretty easy to put down. It doesn't really matter what your character build is or what your stats are – there's really one way to kill the Dragon God and we'll tell you how.

The First Ballista

This boss fight boils down to a few simple steps: hide behind the pillars, destroy the debris, and fire the ballistas. This is essentially a stealth mission where you have to stay out of the dragon's sites before being able to run in for the easy kill.

Run up to the dragon and hide behind the first pillar on the right. Getting to the first ballista is the hardest part of this fight as the Dragon God's gaze doesn't stray far from where you are. As soon as its eyes aren't looking, run to the right, destroy the debris blocking your path with whatever melee weapon you've got, and quickly hide behind the pillar again. The dragon will likely roar when you do so, but that doesn't mean it'll attack.

As soon as the coast is clear and the massive dragon won't see you, make a dash for the next set of debris and continue to evade the dragon's gaze until you reach the ballista on the right hand side. The dragon can't harm you here, so feel free to heal up before launching the harpoon into its side.

The Second Ballista

This one's even easier than the first now that the Dragon God has been wounded. It takes a good amount of time to wince in pain which presents the perfect opportunity to destroy the rubble blocking your path to the left. Hide behind a pillar or two if it opens its eyes again, otherwise it should be a pretty clear and straightforward path to sticking it in the side with a second harpoon.

Finishing off the Dragon God

This part is even easier than the last two! Now that the dragon is incapacitated, all that's left is to approach its head and deal the finishing blows. Do be aware that its breaths will deal fire damage, so stay out of harm's way when it exhales. Otherwise, you're free to slash at its face until it finally falls.

Dragon God Rewards

Devastating the Dragon God provides you with:

  • 26,800 souls
  • Dragon Demon Soul

Was the Dragon God boss fight as disappointing for you as it was for everyone else who played the original back in the day? Tell us about the most disappointing boss fights you've experienced in the comments section. After you do, stick around and check out our Demon's Souls guide for more helping hands.