What to Do in the Private Room in Death Stranding PS4 Guide

What is there to do in Death Stranding's private rooms? What can you do in safe houses? Sam Porter Bridges needs somewhere to rest after a particularly tough delivery, and the private room is the perfect place to get some sleep. Here's everything you can do in Death Stranding's private rooms.

What to Do in Death Stranding's Private Rooms

We're going to explain every interaction available in Sam's private room. Working from his left:

Examine Figures

Replay past cutscenes and certain gameplay sequences.

Use Sink

Perform actions and take photos.

Take a shower

Cleans Sam of any dirt he has accrued.

Use toilet (Standing)

Sam goes to the toilet and produces EX Grenade no. 1.

Use toilet (Sitting)

Sam goes to the toilet and produces EX Grenade no. 2.

Fragile Jump

Allows you to fast travel to any other safe house or distribution centre on the map.

Examine weapon rack

Get a close up of any weapons you have stored.

Check on Lou

Head on over to your Bridge Baby and soothe them.

Examine equipment rack

Change the colour schemes of your suits.

Customise Backpack

Allows you to add equipment and accessories to your backpack, as well as change its colour scheme.

Examine Table

Put on a Bridges cap or sunglasses, drink a beer or a can of Monster Energy, or eat a Cryptobiote.

Activate Terminal

Check on your orders, mail, data, supply requests, and bridge links. This is the same menu you get when you press left from the map screen when you're out in the world.