How to Build Roads in Death Stranding PS4 Guide

How do you build roads in Death Stranding? What materials do you need to build roads in Death Stranding? If you want to make traversal across the United Cities of America easier, then you're going to want to invest your supplies into building roads across its terrain. Building one road will unlock the All Roads Lead to the UCA Trophy, so here's how you do that in Death Stranding.

How to Build Roads in Death Stranding

When you're exploring any one of the maps in Death Stranding, in order to start constructing a road, you'll need to look for Auto Pavers. These are terminals sprouting out of the ground that allow you to start work on a road. To begin construction, you'll need to submit materials to get things up and running -- those supplies being Chiral Crystals, metals, and ceramics.

Whenever you come across an Auto Paver, simply donate any of the required materials and you'll begin construction of the road. Once you've reached the required amount for each one, the road will be complete.

For information on how to locate Chiral Crystals, metals, and ceramics, click the link.